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Probably the White Rabbit. I guess because he is always late but not sure that is why. This would be a good topic for a poll.

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Lou K (lounamoth) | 2 comments alice is my number one favorite character, because i am a lot like her... i talk to myself, sometimes pretend to be two people, have a child-like way of looking at things, and don't follow my own advice :(
long ago i became fond of wearing outfits with skirts, mayjanes, and headbands, and it wasn't until someone pointed it out to me that i realized i was dressing alice-like!
i also really love bill, because his bit in the courtroom scene is one of my favorite moments in all of alicedom.
the white knight is another favorite. he reminds me of my gran-pa, who was always cobbling together inventions (except my gran-pa's usually made sense and worked!)

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Meniere's is a problem with the inner ear that can cause vertigo or a feeling of being on a ship and getting sea sick. There is a spinning sensation. It can be caused from salicylates (aspirin) and perfume, room sprays, etc. I suffered from it for a long time, its the pits.

Well, I am sure you can change your name if you like. Altho I think Rachel is much better than Alice.

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Dan (djunger) | 2 comments Rachel wrote: Who's your favorite character from either Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland or from Through the Looking Glass and why?

The Cheshire Cat ... I sometimes fall into the (horrible) habit of giving overly logical and yet utterly non-helpful responses to questions!

E.g., Alice wondering how to get somewhere: "Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."

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Katniss (katniss1986) | 2 comments Definitely the Cheshire Cat. And the Hatter. And the March Hare. ♥

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