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message 351: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome, Beth. I'm glad you found Constant Reader. I've never quilted, but my great-grandmother did. I have the last quilt she ever pieced together. My grandmother had someone else actually do the quilting, because she died before she had a chance to finish it.

message 352: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 6029 comments Welcome from me too, Beth. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see the icon for The Whistling Season. Click on it and you will see a line for the Constant Reader discussion. After tomorrow, there should be some notes there. We look forward to discussing it with you.

message 353: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 9444 comments Welcome to CR, Beth and Celeste.

My daughter's name is Beth, BTW. Is yours Beth or really Elizabeth?

message 354: by Kenneth P. (last edited Apr 14, 2008 08:09PM) (new)

Kenneth P. (kennethP) | 832 comments Hello, I'm Kenneth. I was a CR member briefly in the pre-Good Reads days and took part in a spirited discussion of Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find." Then your site seemed to disappear. But I've found you. You thought you gave me the slip. Nice try! Now you're stuck with me. Recent good Non-fiction I've read include Steve Coll's _Ghost Wars_ and _The Taliban_ by Ahmed Rasheed. Good novels: _The Known World_ by Edward P. Jones and Newton Thornburg's _Cutter and Bone_. If Marty is still around I can say to him that Doyle's _A Star Called Henry_ is indeed worth the effort. For a peek into the author's attitudes and sense of humor check out his recent book of stories _The Deportees_

Ahhhhhhhh... It's so comfy here. Where's my pillow?.

message 355: by Beth A. (new)

Beth A. (BethALM) Hi Ricki, Sherry, Barbara, and Ruth.

Ruth, my name is actually Beth not Elizabeth. My dad was afraid I would get called Lizzy, so I'm "just Beth".

Ricki, I have mostly made baby quilts for reproducing siblings. I machine quilted most of them, but the last two I hand quilted. I enjoy hand quilting but it takes quite a bit of time. My daughter is two yrs old, so time is limited. I'm also part of a block of the month club at my local quilt shop. I’ve made a few full size quilts but I have them quilted by someone with a long arm quilting machine.

Barbara, thanks for the directions. I'm looking forward to it, this will be my first online book discussion.

message 356: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 9444 comments My dad was afraid I would get called Lizzy, so I'm "just Beth".

Exactly. That's why my daughter's name is actually Beth, too.

Welcome home, Kenneth. Glad you found us.


message 357: by Barbara (last edited Apr 14, 2008 09:29PM) (new)

Barbara | 6029 comments Kenneth, welcome back! I'm glad you like the new place. We didn't leave the other one voluntarily, but this has been a nice consolation prize. I hope you find your way to the short story conference again. Marty recently checked back in with us too, but hasn't been in on a discussion yet. You can find him in our members down at the bottom of the page.

message 358: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome home, Kenneth. I'm glad you find it comfy here. Sometimes a new place is hard to get used to. When we first arrived, they did not have folders or unread messages. It's really improved here. The very good thing about GoodReads is that they are so amenable to changing things around to please you. It's better now in some ways than where we were before. We certainly do see a lot of new faces, and our discussions are automatically archived without any trouble. (And did I mention that is free!?)

message 359: by Ricki (new)

Ricki | 611 comments Beth,

I'd love to see some photos of them if you have any. I hand-quilted but machine-pieced mine. took forever. In the winters though it was nice and warm on the lap!

message 360: by Beth (new)

Beth Welcome to Beth and Kenneth! After seeing so many emails with my name on them (I'm a Beth, too), I just had to reply. My name is short for Elizabeth, and I still remember one high school teacher who tried to call me Lizzy. When I refused to answer role call and he asked me why, I said that Lizzy was a cow's name and I wasn't a cow. He realized then how upset I was about it and called me Beth from then on. :)

message 361: by Wilhelmina (new)

Wilhelmina Jenkins | 856 comments Hi! My name is Wilhelmina, but I am sometimes called Mina. I am very happy to find this group. I have always loved reading - as a 4-year-old, I was known in my neighborhood as "the little girl who walks around reading all the time." I am now the grandma of a wonderful 5-year-old boy with whom I can share my love of reading. I was a physics professor, but I have been disabled for over 20 years with a chronic illness. There have been times when my illness made it impossible for me to read, but currently I am back to my usual voracity. I have a deep love of fiction, but I also enjoy poetry, history, and memoir, and interesting non-fiction can at least tempt me. I am African American and I am always am pleased to discover new African American writers. After The Known World and his books of short stories, I probably qualify as an Ed Jones groupie. I am looking forward to good discussions here with this very exciting group..

message 362: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome, Wilhelmina. We discussed The Known World for our reading list one year. I don't think I have a copy of the discussion, unfortunately. That must have been during the gap when archives were not kept. You sound like the perfect Constant Reader. I'm enjoying reading with my 6-year-old granddaughter. Isn't it wonderful?

message 363: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 6029 comments Welcome from me too, Mina (I like both ways of saying your name). Like Sherry, I think you've found your spot here with us. I teach a special education classroom for 5 year olds. It's a wonderful age.

message 364: by Wilhelmina (new)

Wilhelmina Jenkins | 856 comments Thanks so much, Sherry and Barbara! This is going to be fun!

message 365: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia (PandoraPhoebesMom) Hi my name is Cynthia (obviously). I'm 25 and a mother of the two wonderful dogs that you see in my profile picture. Long time reader...recent addition to the GoodReads family...I discovered it through MySpace a few weeks back. I currently live in Bedford, Va and work part time in my local library system (hoping a full time position will open soon). Glad to be part of the group.

message 366: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome, Cynthia. I'm glad you found Constant Reader.

message 367: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 6029 comments I think you'll like it here, Cynthia. I love the quotes on your profile. And, are libraries as wonderful when you're working in them or do they start to get old?

message 368: by Emily (new)

Emily (Ohmagichour) Hi there! I'm Emily - I'm just about 28 years old, married to a great man for just about 1 year, and truly lifelong reader. Before I could walk I used to crawl around with cloth books in my mouth chasing my parents down to read to me. They eventually had to start hiding them and investing in books on tape, or they would get nothing done! :) I adore GoodReads and am so glad to be getting into the more social side of it. I love to read anything someone thinks is worthwhile (and probably a bunch of stuff only I do!). I am a devoted library user, so sometimes getting monthly reading selections might be tough, but I'll try to get ahead of the list so I can participate in group discussions. Really looking forward to reading with you all!

message 369: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome to Constant Reader, Emily. I really hope you are able to participate in the discussions.

message 370: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 6029 comments Hi Emily, we're glad to have you here.

message 371: by Sunflower (new)

Sunflower Hi everyone,
I joined Goodreads a couple of months ago, and have been surprised and pleased to find so many other "bookworms" out there. Having spent my childhood with my nose in a book, I still read whenever I have free time, which isn't often. I agree with whoever wrote that they liked long flights because it meant more reading time!
Your site seems so welcoming.
Looking forward to getting into your reading lists and joining in,

message 372: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome, Sunflower. Wow, you're from New Zealand. I used to live (for a short time) in a town named Dunedin, Florida. I'm so glad you found Constant Reader.

message 373: by Hilde (new)

Hilde Oppedal | 3 comments Hello-this is Hilde from Norway. I read alot and can't wait to browse all the books you all read!

My best read ever was "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry. So far that is.

I am a teacher and local guide and I love to travel.

message 374: by Theresa (new)

Theresa | 576 comments Hi Hilde:

I loved A Fine Balance. I have read another novel and a short story collection by Mistry and liked them too, but AFB is his best. You might like A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth as well, if you have not yet read it.

I was going to say that I didn't think I'd read any books by Norwegian authors, but then I think the author of Sophie's World is Norwegian, his name escapes me at the moment. Any Norwegian writers you would recommend?


message 375: by Ruth (last edited May 31, 2008 04:43PM) (new)

Ruth | 9444 comments Hi Hilde,
Velkommen til Constant Reader. My husband is from Oslo, altho he's lived in the US for many years.

I recently read Out Stealing Horses: A Novel by Per Petterson, I don't know what the Norwegian title is.

Theresa, surely you've read some Ibsen? I've managed to read A Doll's House and Hedda Gabler in Norwegian, but I had to have an English copy alongside to peek into when I got stuck.

I just finished A Fine Balance, too.

Where in Norway are you, Hilde?

message 376: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome from me, too, Hilde. A Fine Balance was a incredible book. I'm so glad you found Constant Reader.

message 377: by Wilhelmina (new)

Wilhelmina Jenkins | 856 comments Ibsen in the original Norwegian! Wow, Ruth! Did you discover any additional insights that were missed in translation? I definitely went through an Ibsen period when I was younger, but always translated into good old English. My linguistic skills are seriously limited.

message 378: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) I'm Andi. I have been seriously reading for about six years. Since joining Goodreads, I have read two complete books and three unfinished books. I wish I could like Jane Austin and Charles Dickens, but doesn't appear to be in my blood. I know that sounds sacreligious, but I will stand by my statements.

message 379: by Hilde (new)

Hilde Oppedal | 3 comments That would be Jostein Gaarder. I have read some of his books, including Sophie's World, and find him OK though not life-changing in any way. One of his books for children "Is there anybody out there?" was more food for though:-)

Other Norwegian authors? Ibsen I prefer to have performed for me on stage-so I have read only excerpts.
I love Sidrid Undset, Anne Karin Elstad and Amalie Skram. Not sure how easy they are to find in English?
We also have a couple of crime-writers that I like, best of those is Jo Nesbø and I know he has been translated. He also gives a good picture of Norway today.

I had read your other suggestion-years ago and I think I will reread it. Also I just remembered one that I already read twice-Wild Swans by Jung Chang.
Great group-I will visit often:-)

message 380: by Hilde (new)

Hilde Oppedal | 3 comments Hi Ruth,
Did you like the Petterson book? I haven't read it yet.
I live in Bergen, on the west coast.

message 381: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 9444 comments Yes I did like the Petterson book. I thought it very well done.

So you're in Bergen? I visited there in the late 1970s. My husband's father was from Bergen.

Kristen Lavransdatter was one of my mother's favorite books, but I've tried twice to read it and wasn't able to get very far.


message 382: by Leah (new)

Leah | 7 comments Hi,
My name is Leah and I am an avid reader in California! My idea of an ideal vacation always involves a book!
I love Thrillers, Mystery, Historical Fiction, non-Fiction, Supernatural, the list goes on.... I don't generally like what's on the Bestsellers list and I rarely read Oprah's book club picks, I'm picky about what a I read, but when I find an author I love I will go to great lengths to find and read all of their books!
I'm excited to see what everyone reads and likes! Goodreads has been a little slice of heaven for me!! :)

message 383: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome to Constant Reader, Leah. I'm glad you found us.

message 384: by Marian (new)

Marian (gramma) | 113 comments Hi Hilde
Sigrid Undset is one of my favorite writers. I read Kristin Lavransdatter in the Oxford translation & I recently bought a copy of the new Tina Nunally translation. I've also read Nunally's translations of "Jenny" & a collection of her short stories. What I've read of Ms. Undset's life is very sad - how she had to escape from Norway thru Russia to take refuge in America in WW11. Do you know of a good biography of her that is translated into English?
Ole Rolvaag's "Giants in the Earth" is considered a classic & was on our high school reading list. I am looking forward to reading Petterson's books.

message 385: by Leah (new)

Leah | 7 comments Thank you for the welcome Sherry! :)

message 386: by Xujun (new)

Xujun Eberlein My name is Xujun Eberlein. I'm both a reader and a writer. My first book, a story collection titled "Apologies Forthcoming," has just been published this month. More information about the book is available on my website

As a reader I'm most interested in books related to China and American Chinese. I also review books. So any book recommendation is welcome.

I look forward to joining your discussions.

message 387: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 2 comments Hello,
My name is Melanie. I'm new to Goodreads, but so far it's quite nice. Right now I'm very interested in books involving history (Europe mostly), but I am usually open to most suggestions if I think I'd be interested in it. I've been on a personal quest to read as many classics as possible for awhile now, but school has gotten in the way of that I'm afraid. I'm looking forward to getting involved in this group; it seems to be very interesting.

message 388: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 9444 comments Welcome Melanie and Xujun. Melanie, you sound like the perfect candidate for our Classics Corner section.

message 389: by Barbara (last edited Jun 22, 2008 04:35PM) (new)

Barbara | 6029 comments Welcome from me too, Melanie and Xujun. We're glad to have you both here!

message 390: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 2 comments Thank you for the welcome (and suggestion) Ruth and Barbara.

message 391: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome to both of you from me, too.

message 392: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessilouwho22) Hi, my name is Jess :) I'm relatively new to Goodreads, but I really like this website. I'm an avid reader in Pennsylvania, and I love that I've finally found a place where I can share a love of reading with others! My favorite author is Stephen King, and I love to read basically any kind of fiction. I'm notorious among my friends for giving any book a try :)

message 393: by Val (new)

Val (Valz) | 63 comments Hi Everybody, I'm Val. I live in the pacific northwest and love it -- most of the time except this year due to Cold and Rain and Rain and Cold. Sigh.
I'm looking for good books to read and introduce to the book club I belong to here in Mount Vernon, WA. What I love about being in a book club is that I read books I would never ever choose on my own and my world is expanded.

message 394: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 9444 comments Welcome, Jess and Val.

message 395: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (Melissaharl) | 1442 comments Welcome, Val! We have several active members from the Pacific Northwest, and quite a few of the Constant Readers (though not I) are also members of local book clubs. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the CR book or two a month, sad to say, to be able to join in another group.

message 396: by Val (new)

Val (Valz) | 63 comments Thanks for the kind welcomes.
What is the CR book for July?

message 397: by Val (new)

Val (Valz) | 63 comments I just found the book list. Only one I've read is Gilead.

message 398: by Sherry, Doyenne (new)

Sherry | 7720 comments Welcome from me, too, Jess and Val.

message 399: by Debra (new)

Debra (DebraPurdyKong) Welcome, Val, I'm from the pacific northwest too, above the border, though, east of Vancouver BC. And I know all about cold Junes, or June-uary as we called it. Luckily, the sun's out again and summer's here.

message 400: by Val (new)

Val (Valz) | 63 comments Thanks Debra, for the welcome and the weather compassion.
I'm a Canadian although I've been in the US for 28 years so I'm actually just plain confused.

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