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Tom Barnes (tombarnes39) | 4 comments Hi Caitlin,
To generate true interest in this group and your book I suggest you use fewer i's and more we's.
From the excerpts I've read your writing is solid so all you need to do is talk about another book or two that are similar to yours and generate a good, spirited conversation. What do you think?
Tom Barnes

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Hey Cait, I think Tom is right on all points. You are a good solid writer and plumb amazing considering the few years you've had to get there. And it is important to involve an many folks as you can and that becomes "we". Visit other groups on a regular basis and post comments about what other things you are doing. I am sure there are those of us who support you and want to be able to say "we knew Cait when she was just gettin' started." Come visit Heart of Valentine and post a brief excerpt of something you're working on. Let me know you want too and I'll start you a thread of your own there.

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Tom Barnes (tombarnes39) | 4 comments Hi Caitlin,
I write a blog every Wednesday and always have a section called Writers Notebook, giving good writing tips from mostly famous writers. I began posting the blog on Goodreads just last week and main theme right now is the pre production and production of Gone With the Wind. I know that's a bit before your time but if you'll go to the archives on my regular blog at
It's just possible that some of the posts might give you an idea about doing your own blog. At the very least it might jump start more conversation within the group.
Just a thought.
Tom Barnes

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