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Candice (candybeee) | 3 comments Lets see if I can do it! I love to read, but I also have a full time job and side work.

1# Peeps / Parasite Positive by Scott Westerfeld (start Jan 1st-finished Jan 4rd)
2# Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (start Jan 3st-finished Jan 8rd)
3# Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris (start Jan 10th-finished Jan 15th)
4# Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris (start Jan 15th-finished Jan 20th)

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Candice (candybeee) | 3 comments #5 Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris (start Jan 20-finished Jan 22)
#6 The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld (start Jan 23-finished Jan 25)

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Candice (candybeee) | 3 comments Aryll wrote: "yay, i finally found another person who has read books that i have!!! (not including Twilight Saga, too many people have read it) I totally loved Peeps, i liked Last Days, but not as much. Have u ..."

Yay! I loved the Uglies Series, but haven't gotten the chance to read Extras yet. I will check out the Midnighters trilogy as well.

lol...Everybody and their brother has read twilight...I tell my roomies that it spreads like a virus. A good virus. :)

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