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The Start

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Annaka (lustzumreisen) | 8 comments Chapter 2: Alizabeth Clemet

Alizabeth Clemet snuck down to the hotel's elevator, constantly telling herself that no one else would be awake at this time of night. She heard a noise and jumped, only to find out that it was an obnoxious man in another room, snoring.

Alizabeth wan't the kind of person you would suspect to be a criminal. From her blonde hair to her adorable Jimmy Choo's, she always looked like a movie star. Which made her even better for the job.

About a month before, Alizabeth had recieved an email message from Gus Gilroy, a name Alizabeth didn't recognize, because she didn't bother keeping up with the world of crime. Never had she imagined that only a month from then she would be sneaking through a large hotel in New York, ready to do whatever she had to in order to fulfill her goal.

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Annaka (lustzumreisen) | 8 comments Hello. this is Gus Gilroy, and I am emailing you to offer the oppertunity of a lifetime. There is a very valuable item to be kept in an extremely popular hotel in New York and it is something that is rightfully mine. The item is called the Jewel of Jasmine. All you need to know is where the item is and the other things I have included in this email. If you wish to live, I suggest you take this offer now, before it's too late for you.

That was the email Alizabeth had recieved just four weeks before. Gus didn't intend on killinig her if she didn't comply. He would just find someone else. And of course the jewel wasn't rightfully his.

It belonged to a friend from his innocent days, before he took up a life of crime, one who had abandoned Gus after he began disappearing for weeks and coming back rich. But now, it was too dangerous for Gus to really commit the crimes himself. He had to find someone else.

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Annaka (lustzumreisen) | 8 comments Now, as Alizabeth snuck up to the high-security display room, she wondered what would happen if she didn't do what Gus was asking her to. Would he really kill her, like the note said? Or would he just find someone else?

Either way, this was exciting. Alizabeth walked over to the security closet and flipped a couple of switches according to the diagram that had been attached to the email.

Once she was out of the closet, it was time for the real action to begin. She pulled a shiny silver lockpick out of her pocket and began to use it on the locked doors of the room that housed Gus's jewel. It didn't take long.

Now she was in.

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Annaka (lustzumreisen) | 8 comments She was in, and there, in the middle of the room, was the jewel. It was beautiful! Proably the most beautiful thing Alizabeth had seen in her life! But, not having any time to waste in a hotel filled with people, she crept silently to the center of the large, circular room.

It was even more beautiful up close, but she didn't have time to dwell on that fact, because she was in constant danger of getting caught.

But as she was tiptoing quietly down the long corridor, she heard a noise.

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Annaka (lustzumreisen) | 8 comments Alizabeth looked up, rigid with fear. She saw a woman in a purple business suit. She was carrying a purple briefcase. Not only had she and Gus been caught, but Alizabeth knew that girl. she would have recognized Adrienne anywhere.

They had been friends in grade school, and then Alizabeth moved. They hadn't seen each other since then. But Alizabeth had known that the next time she saw Adrienne, she would be wearing something purple. Alizabeth's theory was right.

They stood there, the akward silence pressing in on them, suffocating them. Until...

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Annaka (lustzumreisen) | 8 comments "Why am I doing what?" asked Alizabeth, surprised.

"Why are you...committing a crime?"

Alizabeth was puzzled. "I'm not comitting any crimes!" she exclaimed, and at Adrienne's puzzled look, she continued, "I got an email about a month ago from a man named Gus Gilroy. He said that I had to get him something that was already his: the Jewel of Jasmine. Here it is," she said, pulling the strikingly beautiful gemstone out of her pocket.

Adrienne gasped.

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Annaka (lustzumreisen) | 8 comments As Alizabeth stood there, stunned at what she had just heard, she realized that Adrienne was right. She hadn't known that the gem didn't belong to Gus. So if she put it back now and turned the security back on, it would be just like nothing had ever happened, since only her and Adrienne knew what had happened.

But then there was the part Adrienne didn't know about. The death threat. But that was a crime too. If she showed Adrienne the email, Alizabeth would be the hero! She would never have to deal with Gus Gilroy again when he was safely behind bars.

So, carefully, quietly, she tiptoed back into the room where she had found the gem. Once she was in the center of the room, she gently put the Jewel of Jasmine back in its place of honor. As she walked away, she blew it a kiss.

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