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Mr. Stucki's Obsession with This Book

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Alyssa So. We at Midvale Middle have dissected the first half of the book this year. What do you think of it so far? My favourite chapter has been the MIGRATION one. Actually, no. I hate this book. But I've learned quite a bit from it.

Mikaylie I agree. it is annoying and boring, but it helps when you are talking about current or recent world events. You learn a to from it. anyone anticipating the new edition?

Silvia haha, i enjoy the picture on page 209 of the new one. it's darth vader attaquing a guy.
the above word that some of you might mispronounce is actually "attacking"
i have actually learned a lot from this book. not necessarily about APHG, but a LOT about my learning process and higher education classes.
plus, i enjoy coloring in it...hehehe.

Mikaylie what really annoys me is how some of the info was soo incorrect. like that paragraph saying joseph died in Fayette New York and that is where they settled and then young took them to the valley. I agree with dianna it is fun to color in it

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