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hello everyone!

If you like to get on youtube, and you would wish to watch awareness videos over animal rights, here are two accounts you HAVE to see:

fairfreedomordeath (BellsBear's account)

forgive me if you go on mine and don't like everything you see. It's an account for ALL my beliefs, please don't complain to me if I believe in something you don't.

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MY made films SUCK!!! Don't watch them... but my favorites have a WIDE variaty.

xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) i have an account but its my dad's and i don't know how to make videos...

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go to
they;re not the best of quality, but it's free to share it! just make sure you don't accidently order your vid, that you'll have to pay for.

Emily ♥ monkeys | 19 comments lol..thanks

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