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Set up an information table. A great way to reach a large number of people is to set up an information table in a busy area of your town (try the local mall, concerts, street and craft fairs, middle schools, high schools, colleges, etc., and be sure to get permission). Stock your table with fliers and factsheets and get ready to amaze and educate passersby! Check out our guide to tabling.

Donate animal rights videotapes to a video rental store. Order one or more of PETA's compelling and informative videos about animal rights and donate them to the documentary section of your local video store.

Ask your library to order animal-friendly books. Libraries are always looking for books and other materials that appeal to the needs and interests of their patrons, so let them know that animal rights issues are important to you! Ask your librarian to order a few of your favorite books on animal rights and a few vegan cookbooks. We'll send out our books to libraries for free—just ask the librarian to write us a letter on library letterhead to receive PETA's free library pack of books, videos, factsheets, and colorful display boards. Requests can be sent to: PETA's Library Pack, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510. The more readily accessible books on animal rights are, the more animals will benefit.

Make a library display. Public libraries usually have prominently placed display cases that members can use to educate others about issues that concern them. A display with a collage or poster, some leaflets, and appropriate books from the library is sure to get attention and turn heads!

Plan a demonstration. Organizing a demonstration is a great way to help animals, and it's not as scary or difficult as it may sound. In fact, demonstrations can involve as little as passing out leaflets and holding posters. PETA has all the information that you'll need to hold a successful demonstration.

Promote animal rights on cable-access TV. Expose thousands of people to the plight of animals in factory and fur farms, in laboratories, and in circuses by organizing your own cable-access television show. It's easy, and we can supply you with all the information and tapes that you'll need for free! E-mail for more info.

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