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Michelle Michelle Jul 21, 2012 04:27PM
Does anyone care to explain what happened in the ending of Gone Girl?? I loved the story and got so invested, but then the end just left me hanging. I thought for sure there was going to be another chapter, but when I went to the next page it was acknowledgments. I don't get the ending paragraph!!

Through the whole story there is a theme of hidden personalities. There's the personality we put out there for the world to see (Cool Amy) and the true personality. I think, in the end, Nick decided to continue putting up a fake front to protect his child. He always wanted children and wouldn't risk leaving the child with Amy. They both get what they want; Nick gets to live in his hometown and have a child, while Amy gets to be the center of attention, retelling her story for the rest of her life. Even if it's only on the surface, they will both be happy in a sick and twisted way.
I love the ending. Life doesn't work out like the movies. Loose ends don't always get tied up. I love that about this book.

Sarah (last edited Sep 05, 2012 08:28AM ) Sep 05, 2012 08:28AM   4 votes
Perfect ending. Effed up story, effed up conclusion. How could this story end nicely? I would have felt cheated if it had ended that way!

Trevor Olson This was not a happy or sad ending. It didn't have an ending. The story is over when tension is resolved. He could have killed her, or vice versa, but ...more
Feb 04, 2015 11:41PM

Great story, but I like so many others hated the ending. Amy got away with not only what she did to Nick, but his father and also putting Mo through hell as well.

It's ironic that the only people that really blatantly wronged Amy where the couple who robbed her...I forget their names. Instead of seeking revenge against them, she lashes out against her husband. Nick was a lousy husband, but come on, he fell in love with a faker.

Beginning with Amy's reappearance, the book fell apart. The ending was contrived and disappointing.

This book had me from beginning to end...umm kind of felt like a puppet on a string? Feel sorry for Nick...very sure he did it...wait! feel sorry for Nick again...holy cow Amy's alive...hate her...wait, they're perfect for each other and don't know it...on and on. And as shocked as I was at finding the last page being "Acknowledgements" when I expected another chapter, I realized the game and just laughed. And of course, thought all night about what came next. Gillian Flynn, love your brilliance and how you always kept the upper hand in this story. You never let us rest. Any other ending would have let the reader relax. Love it!! Guess you're Punch and we're just all Judy's. But please, if your muse allows, we would love to see what kind of spawn will spring forth from the genes of Amy/Nick/crazy Dad/Marybeth/Rand.

This was a great book..Can't believe i finished it in 3 days..Amy definitely has some serious mental issues but for me that is what made the book that much interesting of a read.the ending however was a bit disappointing i definitely thought that nick would get the proof and off to the loony bin she goes and he and go would raise his kid and attempt to be normal.but guess this is why its called a cliffhanger.if there is a pt 2 or movie im sold!

The ending is definitely not a typical ending. Nothing gets wrapped up neatly, all the bad guys are still out there (except Desi), and we end up hating the two main characters. Personally, I thought it was genius and look! She has all of us talking about it...pretty smart to use controversy as marketing.

Trevor Olson Sure, it will sell this book. But if you like to have the tension resolved, then you don't like her ending. So will those people read another? I know ...more
Feb 04, 2015 11:33PM

Did anyone else consider that Desi truly was holding Amy hostage? Because he was, IMO. His game was he finally had her where he wanted her, and she could not escape. I thought the ending would center on this....that she ironically got hers in the end by falling into another psycho's trap.

But I was ultimately disappointed with the flat ending. I don't get what was going on in Nick's mind. At one point he realizes Amy is an essential part of his life he could not do without. Then, in the next chapter, he's working with Boney to catch her. Then he's resolved to stay. Then he tells her he feels sorry for her (fails to cooperate with the scheme). I was constantly confused about him, but believe he was an (emotional) abuser in his own right, just like his dad.

But everyone in the story was an abuser when you look back at the cast of characters.

I loved the ending, I think it was supposed to leave us hanging. We see that Nick's perfect exterior can only go so far until he slips and says something "wrong". Amy is psychotic, and I think the ending left us with her mulling over something that Nick said, possibly beginning some sort of revenge plot.

I don't think we are supposed to have answers, we are just supposed to imagine the next move that Amy will plot because Nick "stepped out of line"

I had only one reaction to the ending: she killed herself. She was a day away from giving birth to Nick's child, she wanted the last word, what better evil last word than killing his baby? A life of misery wouldn't be a last word but an ongoing conversation. But as I read these reviews I agree that she could have killed him too. Could've wrong though.

The thing that made me love this book so much was that at the end, I still wondered who's side I was on. A part of me completely wanted Nick to win, and a part of me wanted Amy to win. The ending was perifect because it left it up to your imagination.

Ken (last edited Aug 05, 2012 03:26PM ) Aug 05, 2012 03:01PM   1 vote
Assuming Amy didn't kill Nick for telling her ". . . every morning you have to wake up and be you.", Go and Boney couldn't leave Nick and an innocent child trapped with the "Psycho Bitch". My best guess is Boney somehow gets that fake diary to the FBI's forensic folks to do a little "ink-dating". Even though Amy said she used 30 different pens, it wouldn't take much to prove that thing was only a year old and not the seven years she pretends it to be. Seems to me Desi's Mom who has money would gladly spend it hiring P.I.'s to poke holes in Amy's "justification" story she used to exonerate herself from murder. That could be the basis for a sequel and, of course, Amy would hire "Bolt and Bolt" to defend her against a charge for the muder of Desi (and hopefully not the same for the murder of Nick).

The Bolts might have a "conflict of interest" problem, but Amy's book "Amazing" may well present a few conflicting stories that could help lead to a guilty verdict. How sweet to see the "Amazing Amy" storybook series end with her "writing" her very own death sentence. a. Amy should accept her sentence and let justice prevail, b. Amy should file countless appeals or c. Amy's parents should commit mutual suicide leaving a note accepting blame for the monster they created. The correct answer is a. because "Amazing Amy" would know it's the right thing to do.

Sherrie (last edited Jul 28, 2012 12:45PM ) Jul 28, 2012 12:45PM   1 vote
I for one kinda of loved the ending. It makes you realize that this craziness will now be just a part of everyday life which is terrifying and after a while, just a bit boring. Like life. But from her diary entry, doesn't sound like she was too thrilled about his comment of "I feel sorry for you" Everyday life can be terrifying...You just grow to get used to it...or Amy kills you. I don't need it spelled out for me.

Nick should have just gone to the police with the info on Amy and Desi. Boney would have followed up with toxicology. Amy would go to prison, have the baby in the hospital jail ward, Nick would get the baby, Amy would be incarcerated for life or executed. And yeah, people do stay in dysfunctional relationships when they know deep in their hearts they'd be better off alone. You see it every day in abusive relationships that continue day after day.

I actually thought at one point Flynn would work in a "double Jeopardy" plot where Amy really would get her due..

The book had its moments and a great twist in the middle. The ending was more or less in line with what I would have expected. For me, the entire book had a dreamlike feel to it, so I don't think it was surprising to have an ending that defied logic or expectations.

The only thing more scary to me than Amy is how many people think the two deserved each other. I saw Nick as a decent guy (with faults, mind you) who made some understandable mistakes - after all, he was married to Amy (what normal man wouldn't be vulnerable to an affair?) Amy was a true monster, one of the great villians of recent memory.

As I said, the book certainly had its moments and Flynn is very talented, but it benefited greatly from publishing industry hype. You give out a hundred (free & unhyped) copies to a random reading audience and what percentage gets past the first fifty pages? I think the number would surprise you. Hype is the industry's best friend. It keeps you going because you think there must be something everyone likes about this. Flynn at least delivered with an interesting story, but it took a while.

They are both Dysfunctional so they are going to spend the rest of their lives in a tortured relationship and raise a child in it...to me thats pretty scary. Amy just needed to win and get in the last words.

I personally don't agree with the ending i wish it would be different however i also feel that that's the way it was supposed to be. That's what make the book special. It's not a happy ending like in most of other books or predictable or expected. It's different, leaves us tangling... it just matches the whole game of characters of Amy and Nick. I agree that Amy should get caught and I though that these people from the "woods" who robbed her would disclose her to the police once they connect 2 endings and realize who she was in real. That doesn't happen and in the way I think it's just right ending for the whole story of the relationship between two main characters.

I got the impression that she was going to kill him because of what he said to her...about having to be her. and she was like...I wish he wouldn't have said that...as if he had done something that they couldn't come back from...

Just finished... Did anyone have a problem with the fact that she drugged Desi (not sure on spelling because I listened via Audible) with 3 sleeping pills & no authority figure picked up on this. His Toxicology report would've come back with a flag. I mean seriously, his mother "knew" Amy killed him she would've covered every detail. This part is bothering me.

I too got the feeling that the author wanted to finish the book and get back to normal life as well as leaving it open for a sequel. It doesn't fit with Nick's character as he said he got the sunny aspect of his personality from his mother and the darker side from his father. Therefore why would he want to bring a child into the world with somebody much darker than his father? I also did not like how he let Go down in the end when his loyalty and love for her is what motivated him whenever he did the right thing elsewhere in the book. I'm glad it was not a too happy ending - I had a dread of him and Boney getting together but this does not feel right either. I won't be reading her next book.

I think she left the ending hanging in just she wanted to make it a series .... Gone Girl 5 yr Back or 10 yr Back ....
I wasn't happy with the ending I was hoping Amy would get caught

I enjoyed the book tremendously. At first I felt cheated to how the book ended but then to draw your own conclusion as to what will happen made sense. Nick couldn't just leave becasue he had to protect the baby and figure out how to get the baby from Amy. And then Amy could just do away with Nick but that would be to obvius too. Just leaves you wondering. Maybe there weill be a Gone Girl 2 - The disfunction continues.

The ending was so obvious! Amy is going to do the same as before and try to teach nick a lesson because of what he said about feeling sorry for her!!

I for one liked the ending. I like that it leaves you hanging to do with it what you will. Books do not always need a happy ending, the good guy doesn't always need to win, that is just how life is. I wanted to root for Nick but I also wanted to root for Amy, they are both screwed up people that will now screw up their child and so the cycle continues.

Loved the book but the ending seemed too unrealistic and dramatic. I loved how I was constantly changing sides but then I just ended up hating both of them because they got back together. Why would they choose to stay together, they hated each other! Nick seemed desperate to leave his life with Amy so why stay with the looper after what she did to him? Why would he choose to live that life? Maybe Flynn wanted us to see that really they were as bad as each other and deserved to be stuck together, but they had other options so I didn't understand it fully.

Diane (last edited Jul 23, 2012 02:59PM ) Jul 22, 2012 03:35PM   0 votes
I did not like the ending. All through the book he talks of how he hates her, the she confessed to him that she killed Desi. He tells the police and nothing is investigated as far as Desi's whereabouts during the time she said he kidnapped her. His mother could have been helpful in that part. It is weird to me that that was not investigated and she just got away with murder. I think Nick should have left Amy.

Why does Nick deserve to live in misery???

The ending set up multiple books if Gillian wants to do it. Will Nick be able to escape Amy with his first child? I don't think we've seen the full extent of Amy's craziness.

Tonya (last edited Nov 18, 2012 08:43PM ) Nov 18, 2012 08:43PM   0 votes
After I finally closed my mouth at the ending, I gave it some thought: Nick's there to protect the child and to try to be a better father than his own.

I also thought about how much Nick and Amy lamented on the first two years of their relationship. Whining about how they weren't themselves and pretty much playing parts for each other. They *thought* they were happy then. Well, perhaps they weren't ready for marriage afterall.

At any rate, I think he's going to have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of his life.

I really had a completely different take on the ending. Now I am going to have to go back and re-read and see why I went way off the track of everyone else. I thought it was a wonderfully twisted ending where they both were actually writing novels about each other and racing to finish before the other one. I didn't think it was literal, but that there were two books being written by two writers. Amy who always wanted to prove herself to be able to write more than what she did and Nick who wanted to prove he still could write for print media. Maybe I just like to make a happy ending out of two twisted people.

Yes, we wanted the bad person to get punished.... Who doesn't want that. It's like watching a kitten die, noone wants to see that so don't film it and say it's "interesting". Yes people are discussing the ending, because it's so bad. That's not how you want your book to be discussed. I won't see the movie unless they change the ending. What a waste of time.

I think the ending was wonderful! Real life isn't cut and dry. And this ending shows how truly dysfunctional they really are. They were almost meant for each other. Plus, this obviously leaves room for another book.

Interesting Thread.....Guess we can now wait for the movie version to come out (Reese Witherspoon prod.) and get the Hollywood slant on dysfunctional.

The ending of the book (or from Amy's disappearance on) seem like the author just lost her focus. The main character, Amy, is just way too methodical to make such a mistake like getting robbed. She sensed it and then did nothing about it.
The author was either trying to make Amy more "normal" by making a mistake OR she just had to make her kidnapping end quickly to get on with her story. Once the robbery happens, Amy is toast. She has no money and must contact someone she knows to help her giving up her plan.
After this, the book just felt "off". It did end in a way that I didn't understand, but this is Gillian Flynn. Her books are meant to be dark with alot of strange things going on.

An ostrich doesn't lay as big an egg as the ending of this much hyped book. Dud. It is so point on and brilliant to start then dissolves into something that the author and editor seem to say, "fuck it. It'll sell. Print it." With a little more of a creative investment or time to reflect there could have been something memorable. Subtle even. But Amy as some crazed sociopath that's ready to settle, well that's not how it started. Truth be told it sucked from the moment she took over the story.

I was the female version of Nick in a relationship with a psychopath many years ago. He was very intelligent, an only child and a lawyer (psyco's tend to choose professions like this in order to manipulate). I was able to excape before it was too late but he had tried to get me fired from my job after I broke it off. I got the last word but feared for myself for years. Nick must have stayed for the baby or he is almost as disturbed as Amy. It's too hard to be in a relationship like that. No, it's impossible!!!

Carol (last edited Sep 03, 2012 12:43PM ) Sep 03, 2012 12:41PM   0 votes
This ending had so many holes in it - one of my friends on "goodreads" and I discussed all the inconsistencies and came up with quite a few:
1. how could Amy get pregnant that fast with infertility insemination treatments especially at her age -- these treatments do not have such good outcomes as this;
2. These infertility insemination treatments must have the consent of the husband and cost thousands of dollars neither of which Amy had;
3. It would have been very easy for Desi's mother to have established Desi's whereabouts during all the time that Amy was missing and prove that Desi was not responsible;
4. Why didn't the two thieves show up and disprove where Amy had been -- why didn't the landlady show and up disprove where Amy had been;
5. It was at 20 weeks that Amy told Nick that she was pregnant - that would have meant that she would have had to have gotten pregnant (through insemination)IMMEDIATELY UPON HER RETURN in order to already know the sex of her baby, and for the fertility insemination treatment to have worked THE FIRST TIME!!! Also, she would have been showing by that time and Nick would have known by looking at her that she was pregnant and she wouldn't have had to "pee on a stick" to prove it;
6. Also, since she was "being raped every day by Desi" while she was gone, wouldn't Nick want to prove that this baby was his before giving in to her demands?
I thought the book was quite good up until the end!

I really wanted his wife to get a come uppin'... she so deserved it-- I was totally bummed with the ending, but still gave it an excellent rating because I couldn't put it down.

Michelle wrote: "Does anyone care to explain what happened in the ending of Gone Girl?? I loved the story and got so invested, but then the end just left me hanging. I thought for sure there was going to be another..."

Thats just exactly how I felt with it. But in the end I am quite happy with it. I mean what else should have happened. I think this ending does make it look more real...in some way.

Kelsey (last edited Jan 30, 2013 05:32PM ) Jan 30, 2013 05:31PM   0 votes
Since the baby was due on their aniversary and it was the steel aniversary it made me think of a gun. Though I'm not sure whether I think Amy might use it (on Nick or herself) Or if Nick will use it on Amy after the baby is born. Sure Nick would probably get caught for the murder but At least the baby would be save from Amy. Possibly even raised by Go. A very positive alternative. Either way I like that the ending was a little open. Though the majority of the book I wanted to murder Amy myself.

Can you imagine how screwed up their kid would be??

Michelle wrote: "Does anyone care to explain what happened in the ending of Gone Girl?? I loved the story and got so invested, but then the end just left me hanging. I thought for sure there was going to be another..."
I agree with you, I was looking for a creative and surprising ending, but ended up feeling like it just ended in a middle of a chapter. Leaves me thinking this was done deliberately to make for some sort of continuation or sequel for a mini-series.

The Bad guy wins. Boooo.

Jill (last edited Aug 05, 2012 04:33PM ) Aug 05, 2012 04:31PM   0 votes
I never considered that she might have killed herself.

I took the ending exactly as it was written. She asked why he was being so nice, he told her the truth.

Her last work was likely in a diary, or the footnote of a book she wrote.

I felt the end was good because it wasn't all wrapped up pretty in a bow. It was real life. He was stuck. She was stuck.

What DID cause a bit of a pause was the fact that just a few chapters before a comment was made that it was good Amy didn't have children, because she'd lie and do that craziness to a child.

This book was good but a bit overrated. You do end up reading the book for hours, but I got really annoyed that some things that had nothing to do with the plot were to much over-explained like that Lake Hannafan is not named after a civil war hero in long boring sentences that had nothing to to with anything.

I also find that Nick's reaction to the return of Amy was a bit dull. Instead of him freaking out, or feeling free and trapped in the same time... he just said: ''So whats your story wife.

I mean come on... He is almost being sentenced to death row, and he has been searching for her the EEEENNNTIIIIIREEEEEEEEEEEEEE TIME, and he did not even freak out a little.

The ending was not what I suspected and I think with the technology nowadays you can always record a confession anywhere you want. So he could simply build up her trust and talk about it in the near future and record it.

I would say this book is like very pretty girl who is very interesting and you get to like her very much, but in the end the sex with her was bad.

Seriously... I had to check to see if the last few pages were ripped out of the book!

I think I wanted to like Nick throughout the book and because of that, glossed over the parts of his personality that would ultimately lead to the ending. I didn't like it - I wanted the karma type ending we've all grown used to in books because it was RIGHT. But both of these individuals are so dysfunctional that the ending fits the entire rest of the book. And truly, since karma doesn't normally exert itself into real life, is a much more likely ending than anything else.

I hated the ending. I see what Flynn was trying to do, but I don't think Nick seems "stuck" enough. I enjoyed reading this book, but this is my least favorite of Flynn's books.

They are both psycho and feed off each other in a totally warped way.

There was nothing to like about either of the main characters; they were terrible people. That being said, I kept reading all the way until the end, long after I knew that I hated both characters.

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