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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card)

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Kassandra Patti Kalla sat outside on the stairs of the school, gym had been exhausting, she had to do this fitness test where you had to run around a track for an hour! AN hour! that's insane her legs hurt. She was stuffing her gym clothes into her bag that was filled with textbooks for homework.

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) Nick walked out of school, his backpack slung over one shoulder.
"Hey!" he called, seeing Kalla already sitting there.

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Kassandra Patti Kalla turned back and smiled brightly "Hey! Thought you'd never get here." she said getting up and dusting off her pants

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Me too," Nick grinned, rolling his shoulders, "It was quite a workout today."

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Kassandra Patti "Gym workout or in general?" she asked smiling

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Everything," Nick rolled his eyes.

((I gtg))

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Kassandra Patti ((Okay:( byee!))

"Gotcha." she said with a nod of agreement.

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "So, do you want to go somewhere?" Nick asked, sitting down next to her.

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Kassandra Patti "Um, sure. I have nothing to do for the rest of the day so why not." she said smiling

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((Where do you want to go? I can make a new place XD))

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Kassandra Patti ((Umm i have no idea!! You can pick :D)))

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((Lol ok...I'm going to make a simple cafe XD))

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Kassandra Patti ((Sounds good:D))

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Jesse stood there and wondered if he should actually go into school today. But there was *Shudder* people... Maybe he would wait. He reached into the small, black backpack he had and cursed himself. He hadn't brought a book. Well, apart from his school books

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Hey there!" Lacey called as she bounced up to the steps just moments after being dropped off by her mom.

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Jesse looked up and did something with his mouth, which was equivalent to a smile for him. He stood up and mock bowed. "Hey" He said simply. "You going in?" He gestured towards the doors.

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Oh no, thought I'd just stand around her all day getting a tan on the top of my head," Lacey laughed, rolling her eyes, "Duh."

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Jesse started to nod, as if understanding, before realizing she was joking. He half-smiled before turning around to face front doors. "Let's just go, walk through the beasts teeth." he said, gesturing at the doors. He started walking and after a few steps paused and looked back at Lacey. "Come on" He held out his hand.

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Sure, after you Sir Knight," Lacey grinned, taking his hand with a reassuring grin, "Just in case those teeth turn out to be real."

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Jesse flicked her one of his real smiles, the ones that showed of his canines best. He turned and walked off, still holding Lacey's hand out Behind him. He paused for the slightest moment before going in. He walked a few steps to get out of the doorway before turning to her and leaning in closer to ask her a question. "Where do I start?" He asked. He had no idea what to do or how to behave, aside from not to let people stamp you down on your first day. It would mark you out as a target for the rest of your education.

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "With what?" Lacey asked, "There's many answers to the question, unless I know what you're asking to start on."

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "With what?" Lacey asked, "There's many answers to the question, unless I know what you're asking to start on."

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"Whatever you do at this school. Classes, office, lockers... I have my name down and-" He was cut off as a big jock came up behind him and started kicking his feet. Jesse sighed and turned around. "Dude" he said, not opening his mouth fully "That's not cool." The jock with the brown hair and spray-tanned skin snorted. "Picking freaks IS cool, actually" The big guy started to punch him in the shoulders. Jesse ignored the impacts and studied the guys face. Realizing the runt wasn't reacting Mr.jockface looked up. "Quite staring, freak" He demanded. Jesse lowered his head and the guy smiled. This one would be another easy one. But then Jesse brought his hands up to his eyes and pulled his contacts out, the ones that were making his eyes look like a normal brown colour, and looked up. At the same time Jesse crookedly smiled, showing one sharpened tooth. The Jock frowned before backing off a bit. "Not superstitious are you?" Jesse asked. The jock sneered and spat "My names Kevin. Remember it" He turned around and swaggered off.Jesse turned back to look at Lacey and smiled, mouth closed. "I have to rely on scaring people as I lack in muscle. I lack in muscle alot." He said before continuing "Now, if you could please show me to the bathroom, I need to put my other contacts in, I think I dropped one." He finished, looking down so that Lacey wouldn't have to see his eyes.
((Sorry if I took over a bit, I just had no idea what to write))

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((It's ok XD I love detailed RPer's and usually I do it, but I'm so busy I only have time for a few sentences Xp))

Lacey laughed as Kevin sauntered away, leaking cowardly bravado.
"Don't worry about him," she said, taking his hand and steering him down the hall towards the restrooms, "Kevin looks tough, but even I could knock him over if I really wanted to."
She glanced up into his different eyes, "And I think your eyes look cool."

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Jesse let out the breath he hadn't known he had been holding. He wasn't sure if it was because she might be angry at him or... or if she would accept his 'unnatural' eyes. Anyway, he stepped into the restroom for males and got some more contacts from his pocket. After gently placing them in he stepped back and out the door. Just before he could reach Lacey a group of giggly girls walked past, took one look at him at started full out laughing. 'This is so degrading'he thought to himself. "I know I'm not good looking but there is no need to be so obvious about your disapproval.' He didn't know that one of the girls made the mistake of calling him alright looking so now the group would automatically giggle a bit whenever the silly girl and Jesse were near enough. He reached Lacey and just stared at her. After about 30 seconds he shifted his eyes and said softly but clearly "You are good" He looked at her as if she should know what he meant, and should be happy or angry.

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Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Thanks," Lacey smiled up at him, and then laughed as the girls fluttered past, giggles trailing behind them just like the scent of their perfume.
"Do you get bothered by stares?" she wondered, glancing up at him.

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His eyes flickered with... something. Maybe it was Anger? Or was it embarrassment. Whatever it was it was gone in then next moment. "Not especially" He said. "It's if they laugh. I can't stand others or myself being laughed at." He looked at the last of the blonde short skirts a she went around the corner. "Their laughter is fine. It's not taunting or scornful. Just girls being... Whatever they are supposed to be." He looked at her, his gaze flicking from one of her eyes to the other "I have talked alot about myself. How about you? What do you like to do? How's your family?" He asked, not demanding, just curious.

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