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Lil (LilMar) | 28 comments I have a pet peeve. It's not a serious, world-changing pet peeve, it just bugs me.

I abhor the use of improper grammar!!!!! It must be the editor in me, because I cringe when I see the way people write. I hate slang and when people write with it constantly it irks me to no end. Yes, I use words like 'y'all' and 'ain't' in everyday speaking, I can't help that, I'm Southern. But if I am going to write something, I try my best to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling and not to use idioms or slang.

And what is with people who can't figure out how to spell! Use a spell checker if you don't know how to spell something. Anyone who does not check what they are writing makes them self look stooopid (Yes, I did that on purpose) in the extreme. I am NOT speaking to any one person in particular, but to everyone in the world, group or whomever stumbles across this topic.

Are we not all intelligent beings? Yes, we are. We should all use the brain the Almighty gave us and write correctly. There are dictionaries and grammar books or help available everywhere, so there is no excuse. "I didn't know" is just not good enough.

Ok, that's off my chest now. Sorry for the rant, it just gets to me to see stereotypes reinforced because of the way something is written.

Jiaka1981 Winfield | 42 comments I have a problem with the new "text" grammer. like idk and b4 instead of writting it out. I agree that it makes the writer seem less intelligent or even ignorant. I forgive the mis-spellings because i often type fast and don't feel like spell checking every text, IM or response I type.

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