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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
Describe the primary conflict that the main character of your book must overcome.

message 2: by Vincent Mojica (new)

Vincent Mojica | 21 comments Jonas's new emotional and sensory awareness cause him to rebel against the restrictions his society places on freedom of choice, individuality, emotion, and human experience.

message 3: by Katie Ridgway (new)

Katie Ridgway | 21 comments I guess trying to grow up. He is a 30 year old guy who everybody sees as immature, and his family only sees him as the bad kid he used to be, so he is trying to prove that he is a good guy.

message 4: by Mariela Munoz (new)

Mariela Munoz | 23 comments the universe is full of signs and when your career is failing, your love life is going nowhere and your family is nuts, it helps to have a little direction, thats why jessica finds madame hortensia to talk to her.

message 5: by Rex Hamilton (new)

Rex Hamilton | 13 comments The main characters name is Steve Harmon, is convicted for murder, Steve is innocent but everybody has already prejudged him because of his looks. So he must convince everyone that he is innocent

message 6: by Tiyanna (new)

Tiyanna  Dozier | 23 comments Jewel begins to date one of her bestfriends associates, and her best friend tries to convince her that he fake, and he will use her.

message 7: by Mike Willie (new)

Mike Willie | 17 comments one conflict that my main character deals with is when he is when he gets shoot and is has the delima of continuing to live the life of a drug dealer or to change to do some good for once.

message 8: by Marcus Wimbley (new)

Marcus Wimbley | 27 comments The main characters primary conflict is taking out a terrorist cell in the middle of a jungle in mainland China. The terrorist attempt to release a nuclear missile to destroy Taiwan and try to start a war with the United States.

message 9: by Mary Ann Munoz (new)

Mary Ann Munoz | 24 comments The main character would like to be the son his father wants but this seems to be unrealistic.

message 10: by Martin Lind (new)

Martin Lind | 15 comments darcy mills has alot of bad things happen to her. she loses her boyfriend because he moves away, her grandma is sick and she meets a guy who tells her what she wants to hear but really he only wants one thing. She must overcome all of these conflicts.

message 11: by Larue (new)

Larue | 12 comments the girl conflict not is trying to find a way back home after being trapped in an unknown world.

message 12: by Rashad miller (new)

Rashad miller | 22 comments The main character in my book is Don Haskins and he telling people about how he won 8 national championships in 1966.

message 13: by Laurysa Duran (new)

Laurysa Duran | 18 comments Describe the primary conflict that the main character of your book must overcome.
A primary conflict that the main character of my book (Stanley) must overcome is getting through the day and adapting to his new surroundings, and having to except being there for a crime he didn't commit.

message 14: by Justice Snoddy (new)

Justice Snoddy | 17 comments Theres a big war and they are trying to destroy the "one ring"

message 15: by Carolina Reyes (new)

Carolina Reyes (carolinareyes) | 25 comments The big conflict in the story is that he has to get back to his village with him mom because they were attacked by rebels and he is a couple of villages away and he must face the danger ahead and walking the entire way there.

Ismail menasterly | 18 comments the primary conflict of eldest is eragon fighting murtagh on the burning plains because eragon thought that murtagh was dead but he found him killing some of his friends, and that's why it is the primary conflict.

message 17: by Justin (new)

Justin | 1 comments The Primary conflict of Artemis Fowl is, Spiro has stolen a piece of fairy technology and Artemis and a team must retrieve it.

message 18: by NicholasRequejo (new)

NicholasRequejo | 17 comments After going no where in Mexico, Eddie traveled to Japan to wrestle. His biggest fear was the culture shock that he went through. The Company in Japan did there best to take care of him but going from the US to Japan is big. Traveling down to Mexico was no big deal, but now Eddie was traveling across the world into a new land he knew absolutely nothing about. It was a knew language, new country, new lifestyle and new wrestling fans Eddie had to overcome.

message 19: by Kiley Douyon (new)

Kiley Douyon (kdouyon09) | 23 comments Describe the primary conflict that the main character of your book must overcome.

The main character, Roylin, has to overcome the struggles and low self esteem problems. Much of his life he was beaten and abused by his father which eventually led to the divorce. Later on in life his mother and sister and even himself would compare him to his dad. But he later on learned that he is himself and there is no one like him.

message 20: by Manuel Maldonado (new)

Manuel Maldonado | 25 comments The primary conflict that the main character must over come his fear of trying to fit in. And find his right "slot" on the team>

message 21: by GilbertGarza (last edited Jan 21, 2009 07:26AM) (new)

GilbertGarza (grok04) | 15 comments The conflict that the gang leader faces is really just trying survive and be strong in the world that they are in. And get along with his family

message 22: by Phillip Miles (new)

Phillip Miles | 24 comments The conflict is they only have a couple of more game to go to the playoffs.

message 23: by Jean Doan (new)

Jean Doan  | 22 comments being bullied he had to overcome mean kids at his high school that just happened to pick on only him everyday

message 24: by Stefon (new)

Stefon (stefonjones) | 18 comments My character has to learn how to survive in this new neighborhood and how to stay out of his mom's boyfriend (Larry)s way while also trying to find away to get to his Aunt Fay

message 25: by Yareli DePaz (new)

Yareli  DePaz | 24 comments So far what I have read in the book. Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his true identity hidden. But Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret.

message 26: by Ashleigh trent (new)

Ashleigh trent | 23 comments The primary conflict in my book is Delilah the main character trying to understand herself and what is happening around her.

message 27: by Michael (new)

Michael  (michaelshort) | 20 comments there is not really a primary conflict but if there is one that it would be I would have to say things that save the earth. It is facts about the stuff we do to the world and how it is wrong.

♪♫3rik  ♪♫ | 24 comments the primary conflict of my book is when the character named rusty james has a confrontation in high school from hi worst enemy from middle school

message 29: by Terron Ross (new)

Terron Ross | 16 comments Bradley is the primary character in my book. He is very rude,mean, and lies all the time. He has to overcome what he is accustomed to doing to gain friends.

message 30: by Ben Ontiberos (new)

Ben Ontiberos (beno) | 27 comments Charlie yearns for the chance to obtain possession of the chocolate factory but their are many obstacles preventing him from having an easy experience doing so.

message 31: by Jonny Drass (new)

Jonny Drass | 17 comments harry potter must overcome his fear and fight to avoid Sirius Black.

message 32: by Mike Willie (new)

Mike Willie | 17 comments the primary conflict that 50 cent must over come is his descision to start rapping in hope to turn over a new leaf or to continue selling drugs.

message 33: by Kianna (new)

Kianna | 18 comments The primary conflict of my book is when Hunter tries to find out if he really has a guardian angel.Hunter so badly wants someone to care,he's willing to take a leap of faith, and more.

message 34: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 14 comments in my book darcys friends keep a sercet from her and they only did it want to hurt her and she finds out and get every mad and she only see it in her point of view but she needs to see why her friends did that it was n't because they wanted to be mean to her but it was because they didn't wanted to her.

message 35: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda | 10 comments In Tantalize, Quince has to solve the murder of her family own restaurant Sanguini's, while trying to start the grand opening including a vampire theme. She also has to endure that her crush Kieren has to leave to join a pack of werewolves. While cops think Kieren is tthe prime suspect.

message 36: by Betsy Miranda (new)

Betsy Miranda | 22 comments The primary conflict in the book that I'm reading deals with the character having flashbacks, yet he suffers wounds that lead to the loss of a leg.

Elizabeth Rodriguez | 27 comments Kelly one of the two twins is finally returned to her parents after the ransom is payed but Kathy unfortunately is believed to have been killed by the kidnapper who left a suicide note. However Kelly still knows that her twin sister is still alive and senses her but has to convince the authority's and her parents to find her sister who is still alive.

message 38: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan | 19 comments The primary conflict the main character of my story "Jack" faces is facing his past and understanding jus how troublesome his past was.

Brittney Hicks  | 23 comments the main character in my book must over come her love for another man in order to make her marrige work for the sake of her children.

message 40: by Lucy (new)

Lucy | 18 comments My conflict in the story is much like the story of Cinderella she must follow many rules in which she has to obey.

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