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message 1: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ((ok here is where you make your character for next generation))

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 19, 2009 10:39AM) (new)


Shay Anderson

16 yrs old
light brown hair, brown eyes.

other info:

is American. she came to Japan to avoid her ultra-competitive Swim Coach. is a bronze, but thinks the ranks and stuff are stupid. wouldn't mind being Koutei, so she could change stuff.
loves alternative and Indie music, wearing crazy costumes, dark chocolate, and coffee. hates Tea.

she lives with Komaki and Kusame, because she's v. distantly related.

message 3: by ember (last edited Apr 25, 2009 12:40PM) (new)

ember (emberrayne) name:yuki togu
long purple hair blue eyes

other info:platinum her mother is haine umm she is kinda like a little kid but she always dresses kinda goth so untill you get to know her she is kinda creepy but once you do she is just a heart broken little kid.

message 4: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) nice

message 5: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) cool

message 6: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) lets see if ocean wants to be the emperor

message 7: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) kk

message 8: by Oceanwaves (new)

Oceanwaves (OceanwavesHeartSoul) | 20 comments Can the emperor be a girl?? Cause in the manga it's a guy so...?

message 9: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) no because me the platinum is a girl

message 10: by Oceanwaves (new)

Oceanwaves (OceanwavesHeartSoul) | 20 comments Oh, darn! Fine it! *grumbles*

message 11: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) what huh

message 12: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) yea ocean

message 13: by ember (last edited Jan 31, 2009 04:31AM) (new)

ember (emberrayne) srry but hinata umm yuki is a togu you put otomiya and i added to mine carrie

message 14: by Oceanwaves (new)

Oceanwaves (OceanwavesHeartSoul) | 20 comments lol, I messed up!
hmmm??? lolz

message 15: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) k and its k ocean we still wuv you

message 16: by ember (new)


message 17: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) nice i love it

message 18: by Oceanwaves (new)

Oceanwaves (OceanwavesHeartSoul) | 20 comments Awesome, I should my charrie now...lolz

message 19: by Oceanwaves (new)

Oceanwaves (OceanwavesHeartSoul) | 20 comments Name:Denji
Appearence:Jet black hair that reaches his shoulder, dark blue eyes.
Other info: Kouite! Not very sociable. Hates being the Koutie. Busy alot. Doesn't like Yuki that much. Enjoys being by himself, thinking.
((That okay??? lolz))

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

yay! now we have a Koutei!!!

hey, could one of you be the "manabe" that my chara's been talking about?
i'll owe you.

(just a reminder: Manabe is his last name)

message 21: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) nice but he scares me

message 22: by ember (last edited Apr 25, 2009 12:41PM) (new)

ember (emberrayne) memememe ill be him

kk i going to cheat and use one of my other characters names

name: yukito
:appearance:dark brown hair purple eyes 6'3
other info:is very kind likes martial arts and gymnastics soccer and cooking smart popular insomniac pyromaniac claustrophobic...

message 23: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) there you go and you owe me so pay up just kidding

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

ha! v. funny. but seriously, if you need some random character that no one wants to be, i'll be it.

read Beauty Pop! i just started. it looks stupid, but is actually really good. one manga has it.

message 25: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 02, 2009 03:31PM) (new)

then do! bubbly charas are fun like my arisa, in the furuba rp

message 26: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) you are in fruba how come i i no see you ??? oh and you spelld bubby

message 27: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) lol

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Wahhh! Mizuiro is Shay-chan's rival! how will this end?

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

it's ok. actually, i like it alot. the plot thickens, you know?

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

hey, maybe she should show up at the concert and get jealous!

just a idea.

message 31: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) aww but coolio

message 32: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) lol

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Choko-sensei (mostly known as sensei)

age: ???? (no way is she telling)
height: 5' 4"
eyes: brown
hair: brown
other: teacher for the silvers. dresses casual fashionably, but is v. strict. hates Shay, and can't stand the teacher for the bronzes. loves nothing better than punishing people.

message 34: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) scary

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

yep. that's pretty much the easiest way to describe her. scary. really, i think that she never got over the fact that Senri-sensei married Ushio. sucks for her though.

message 36: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) hehe

message 37: by ember (last edited Feb 21, 2009 04:52PM) (new)

ember (emberrayne) i feel bad for mizorio so i give her a character that likes her

name: akito
height: 6'3
appearance: yukitos twin so yea
other: yukitos twin silver not on the student council but the postman

message 38: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) is he ok or is it like whatever (i have alot of guy carries lol)

message 39: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) um more outgoing than yukito but is very protective hmm loves his bunny

message 40: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) yes

message 41: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) really lol it kinda got changed i dont know how but now he likes shay lol

message 42: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ahh i am so sore i went ice skating for the first time today

message 43: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) huh

message 44: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) oh thats so cool

message 45: by ember (last edited Apr 25, 2009 12:44PM) (new)

ember (emberrayne) dododododo i play my magic clarinet but i want to learn how to play the celo

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

little the 1st knows how to play the cello. i started learning, but gave up so i could focus on piano.

i'm confuzzeled. who does yukito like? Shay, or Kyoko?

message 47: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ok yukito likes shay and akito like mizore

message 48: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) srry yes

message 49: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) srry i got of right after i answered your question

message 50: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) dododod

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