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message 1: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (Anthony3) | 2 comments Mod
This is a group I created 1 day before the 2009 inauguration for every American. There are some rules regarding conduct that I will list below.

1. Please do not swear. Keep this group G-Rated

2. Please no anti-American comments

3. Please no making fun of a person's or a group of person's beliefs. We are trying to unite not destroy.

4. Please participate not just sit back and read everything. We want an active group. That includes voting on polls as well.

5. Please spread the group there is one way for this group to spread, YOU. Please help.

Thank you for joining this group.

message 2: by Crazed Jaws (new)

Crazed Jaws | 1 comments Patriatism rules but democrats arent the wisest

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