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Who like to Role Play??

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If you like to RolePlay your fake characters you should join this group It's a Septimus Heap RP.

It's really fun, we already have two page of RP done. If you want to RP too, just join, make your character, and then continue the RP.

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On the description it says "Well, it is an rp group, we write about our characters in the world of Septimus Heap, but the book characters are no longer in the castle. Jenna's grand-daughter is queen, and Septimus' grand-son is the ExtraOrdinary wizard" It's more like the children of Jenna and Septimus and everyone else. But Jenna has a two month old son. And nobody has yet made Septimus married and has children.

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what is the rolepaly group called?

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Septimus Heap RP

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isnt sep dead in one of the roleplays

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