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screening as event :: a phenomenology of film

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Gary | 18 comments Mod
have begun work-in-progress (above-entitled) as a blog.

preferred form of reading : from first entry to latest (via index, to right-hand side), altho' it's the nature of blogs to be arranged from most current to earliest (reverse chronological order)

please take a dip.

questions comments criticism etc welcome.

thank you

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Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) Hi Gary, & others potentially reading this,

I've just joined this group temporarily so that I can tell you that I've skimmed over a little of what you've written & to give you a little feedback. I was looking thru the list of author's groups & saw that yrs doesn't have a specific focus so that attracted me to it. Then I saw yr posting on the topic of "screening as event :: a phenomenology of film" & since I'm both a writer & a film/video-maker I decided to check that out. That led me to yr blog.

On yr blog you reference Japanese kanji characters & that interests me so I skimmed a little further. Now, I've just written a math/humor/'pataphysics/philosophy/experimental literature/you-name-it bk entitled "Paradigm Shift Knuckle Sandwich & other examples of PNT (Perverse Number Theory)" & there's a brief passage in it related to Japanese language symbols:

"I also found that Akira Haraguchi recited π to 100,000 digits in 16 hrs in 2006 at age 60. "Haraguchi uses a system he developed, which assigns Kana symbols [syllabic Japanese scripts] to numbers, allowing for the memorization of Pi as a collection of stories." He "views the memorisation of Pi as 'the religion of the universe', and as an expression of his lifelong quest for eternal truth.""

I quote the above because I thought it might interest you given that I see that you've got an interest in spirituality & Buddhism.

I skimmed some more thru yr blog & found mention of various versions of the Dashiel Hammett bk entitled "Red Harvest" & you ask: "And where did Dashiell Hammet get the idea from?" It's possible that Hammett got the idea from direct experience. Remember that he was a Pinkerton - who were basically mercenaries hired to intimidate & murder labor activists.

He worked in the town where the Anaconda Copper Mining Company was based. They were a notoriously polluting & brutal company. I write "were" but they may still exist. I don't know. Anyway, around the time that Hammett was a Pinkerton for them, a Wobblie organizer came thru town & had a large audience amongst the copper miners. He was murdered shortly thereafter - presumably by thugs in the hire of Anaconda - perhaps a Pinkerton. THEREFORE, there's the possibility that Hammett was either involved in the murder or knew about it.

If you've read "Red Harvest" you can probably see how its plot dovetails somewhat w/ the scenario outlined above. In RH, the detective is hired to 'clean up a town' & ends up becoming a psychotic killer & revelling in it. One of the most important parts of this process, to me, is that he then becomes self-aware of his transformation. Mightn't've Hammett gone thru a similar process? Hence his conversion to political radicalism post his leaving the detective racket. That's only speculation, & it doesn't originate entirely from me, but I think it's good speculation.

Thought that might interest you.

p.s. Don't know that I'll be staying w/ this group. I joined mainly to write you the above. Right now I've got a full plate & being involved in another group might be too much.

best wishing wells,


message 3: by Gary (new)

Gary | 18 comments Mod
wow talk about "making my day" :: what an amazing comment !

and selfless to the max ... like, no intention whatsoever ...

i am your disciple for life

thank you for reminding me of that specific incident in hammett's life ... and of the math / kanji ... i cant count past 2 so maybe that's why i'm drawn to zen, where the motto is : not one, not two

all kidding aside, i toy with the idea of writing something based around quantifications ... and have a notebook for same ... ... but still gravitate more towards goethe on science and ... 'pataphysics ...

well, thank you for checking the site out ... and posting your chewy responsa ...

i look forward to our next contact

take care

good reads to you

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Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) Hi Gary!

Thanks for yr reply. I'm glad I made SOMEBODY's day given that I have such a hard time making my own! Thank you for yr appreciation of my comment. It's interesting, isn't it? "It" being: cruising thru the internet to find people to communicate w/ who inspire you to some tangent or another. I cd go on like this 'forever'! Being a highly opionated fuck, I almost always have something or another to say about something or another. What an elegant tautology!

all for now & now for all,


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