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Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus (reason) | 122 comments The current NPC topic only for Quidditch players. Because of this, I am creating this topic, with permission from Hawktail, for posting non-player characters who are not affiliated with Quidditch in-school.

The NPC format follows the OC format, with the exception of background information and miscellaneous information being optional and the loss having to post the character's Quidditch position.

Background (optional):
Other (optional):

Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus (reason) | 122 comments Name: Macadamia Jacobs (Macadamia is male)
Age: 16
House: Slytherin
Appearance: Short, red hair, blue eyes
Personality: Positive
Other: Macadamia is a half-blood and founded a Slytherin group that trains in Defense Against the Dark Arts in order to defend against those with pureblood mania. They meet in the Room of Requirement and are secretive.

He doesn't mind if non-Slytherins join, but because of their secrecy and lack of need to recruit non-Slytherins, the group still consists of purely Slytherins.

message 3: by Anne Kat (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) Name: Missy Jamson
Age: 14
Appearance: medium height, grey-brown eyes, medium-length dark blonde hair
Personality: very clingy to her boyfriend, Liam, whiny, girly, very few friends (not many people can put up with her)
Background: pureblood, parents work for the Ministry (desk jobs)
Other: has a small grey owl, Gylfie. wand is 13 3/4 Indian Rosewood

wand: http://alivans.com/custom/cart/edit.a...

message 4: by Anne Kat (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) ((I feel like making a character... but not my own))

Name: Lilian Jacovac
Age: 16
House: Gryffindor
Appearance: Silky chocolate brown hair, hazel-green eyes, short
Personality: rather strict and bookish, but doesn't seem to be able to help it. Spends half her free time in the library. Ironically, loves Weasley's Wizard Wheezes products.
Background: Muggle-born, parents own a candy shop
Other: has a small grey cat, wand is 14 1/4 ash.

wand: http://www.alivans.com/custom/cart/ed...
cat: http://www.alken-murray.com/DressedBl...

message 5: by Anne Kat (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) ((filler characters for Divination!!))

Name: Katlin Omnessa
Age: 14
House: Ravenclaw
Appearance: Short red hair, black square-frame glasses
Personality: a huge flirt
Background: pureblood, parents work desk jobs at the Ministry
Other: wand is 14 1/2 cherry

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Anne Kat (anne-kat) Name: Trina Renans
Age: 14
House: Hufflepuff
Appearance: medium-length brown hair, blue-grey eyes
Personality: loves Twilight, is overly dramatic
Background: Muggleborn, parents work at a bookshop
Other: friends with Cassandra Krum

message 7: by Anne Kat (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) Name: Melissa Brown (Lissa, Mouse)
Age: 14
House: Slytherin
Appearance: rather mousy, curly dark brown hair, glasses, short
Personality: is very quiet
Background: pureblood
Other: sort of friends with Joy Petterson

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