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Jacob Black: Shape-shifter, Werewolf, or Dire Wolf?

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message 1: by Cedes (new)

Cedes | 7 comments I think Jacobs a shape-shifter *as Stephenie Meyer said in Eclipse* bcuz thats just wut i think

but others beleve that hes a "dire wolf"
i dont agree
so lemme kno wutcha think

message 2: by Ry (new)

Ry (person_1000yahoocom) | 29 comments HE ISNT A REAL WEREWOLF, BC PROFFESSOR LUPIN WAS AND HE DIDNT TRY TO KILL HIS BEST FREND. i think he is a shapeshiftr cuz nuthin else fits. wat is a dire wolf

message 3: by Cedes (new)

Cedes | 7 comments i still think hes a shape-shifter bcuz stephenie meyer xplained that he is a shape-shifter but he only turns into a wolf bcuz thats wut his ancestors originally turned into and billy even told the whole story on the whole thing
and y would that b 2 confusing? if she woulda just xplained it im sure ppl woulda understood it...

message 4: by Ry (new)

Ry (person_1000yahoocom) | 29 comments but c i didnt kno he was a dire wolf or wat a dire wolf was soo her putting direwolf would confuse anyone

message 5: by Cedes (new)

Cedes | 7 comments i didnt kno wut it was either but if she wouldve xplaind in the book i dont think it woulda been 2 confusing
idk im still stickin w/ my original choice

message 6: by Ry (new)

Ry (person_1000yahoocom) | 29 comments yeah i chang emy opinion i think hes a dire wolf that makes sense

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