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message 1: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) Hello...anyone?

message 3: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) Hey!!!! For once in like a week someones on when I'm on- i'm eternally greatful!! lol

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments Haha lolz.

message 5: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) Hello.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments Hi again! Haha I LOVE french toast!

message 7: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) Me too!!

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments I am watching the Power Puff Girls...... wow....... good times, good times.

message 9: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) *laugh*
i am talking well writing online.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments Nice. My mom is staring at me like I'm insane. It's pretty cool. OMG I LOOK LIKE FREAKIN JANE!!! Wow................

message 11: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) laughing again. So what's up?

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments Nothing much but my normal morning sugar rush.

message 13: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) Yeah, I've already had like 10 pixi sticks because i was bored.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments Wow nice. Those are yummy. I like those sugar sticks, that you get from Candy Shops and malls.

message 15: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) I do too. I LOVE SUGAR!!

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments My daddy lives in Savannah GA, and they have a MILLION candy shops there! I coutned them, and there was around 30!!!!!!!!!

message 17: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) ((G2G))

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 195 comments Aw k byes!

message 19: by Karina (new)

Karina hi

message 20: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) Hey!

message 21: by Karina (new)

Karina i'm confused by this rp..

message 22: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) oh chitter chatter is where we randomly talk- it isn't rp

message 23: by Karina (new)

Karina i know. i was talking in general sorry. i should have been more specific.

message 24: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) no- it's fine.

message 25: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) Hi ppl.
Did u guyz have no skool cuz of Martin Luther King day??? I didn't :( I live in Canada

message 26: by Karina (new)

Karina I did! I'm sorry.

message 27: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) Lucky! :)

message 28: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) No SCHOOL for me

message 29: by Karina (new)

Karina i might move to canada though.

message 30: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) cool. if u did, where would u go?

message 31: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) it's cold though!!!!!!!!!

message 32: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) i detest the cold.

message 33: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) It's seriously not that cold :) Only in some parts like the Northwest Territories. But in Ontario, where I live it's the same as the U.S. :p

message 34: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) really?

message 35: by Karina (new)

Karina I don't know. It depends where my dad's company gets sold to.

message 36: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) well if you move on the bright side you can talk with your online friends the same as always.

message 37: by Karina (new)

Karina yeah...yippy.

message 38: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) :p

message 39: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) We need more guys- i'm gonna go make one now.

message 40: by Karina (new)

Karina i made a guy! his name is eion.

message 41: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) I saw, he's cool- I might have sarah crush on him after she meets him if they have any classes together.

message 42: by Karina (new)

Karina lol. they do. its so hard for me to keep track of characters if they don't have classes together.

message 43: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) I know. I have to keep going back to my character's schedules to see what's next.

message 44: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) ((G2G- Dinner))

message 45: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) School dance- let's spice things up and have a school dance.

message 46: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) ya LOL

message 47: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) hey izzy!! we're in third period, but it's about to go to fourth.

message 48: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) cool i have story club??? or lunch??

message 49: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) i think story club is fourth so story club. Taylor is in joy's class.

message 50: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (qwertyuiop) cool.

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