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Karina ((oh yeah okay starting over.))

Adrine sat on her cabin steps, listening to her iPod touch, ignoring the rest of the world for the moment.

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Karina Adrine waved the hand away.

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Karina ((g2g bye. be on later.))

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Karina ((kay i'm back.))

Adrine was still on the steps for five more minutes, when on of her siblings came up to her and took the player away. "Give it back Justin." she warned. He smiled, holding it over his head out of her reach.
"Come on Adrine, you can't just mope around all day. Today's the first day of Summer camp, get up and do something." he told her as he walked in with her Ipod. She knew she wasn't going to see it again for a while.

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Anrea sat on her bed and brushed her hair out slowly. Golden flecks sparkled in the light shinning through the window. Anrea set her brush down and desided to go for a walk. She had desided to go home during the school year, and had planty of time to shop, but still needed to break in her newest pair of shoes.

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Karina Justin turned around as he walked into his cabin. "Oh hey Ellie." he said.

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Karina ((yay new person!))

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Karina "Oh nothing much. I have to get to Master Archery, so see you." he said as he walked into get his gear.

Adrine looked from Justin to Ellie. "Come on." she sighed dragging Ellie with her.

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Karina Adrine stopped pulling her after they were a safe distance from the cabin. "So how was the outside?" she asked.

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Andrea walked along by the lake. The water was very peaful and serene.

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Karina ((have Andrea bump into us!))

"You left for the weekend, how was it?"

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Karina "What? Tell me!" Adrine said quickly. "Don't make me beg."

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Andrea wasnt really paying attention to where she was wlaking, this was fairly usual for Aphrodite kids, but Andrea wasnt thinking about her self, she was just thinking of anything but herself when she ran ito someone.

"Oh gosh! Im sorry!" She said embarassed.

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Karina Adrine stumbled backwards, catching hersefl. "It's okay." she said. "Do you know eachother? I'll feel really bad if we do."

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Karina To Ellie she said. "You were probably imagining it."

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Karina "Maybe it was cast from other people?"

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Karina "Well did you tell Chiron?"

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Karina "I think you should if your worried about it."

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"I dont think we know each other," Andrea said, "I mainly stay in my cabin or the fighting Arena, plus I m Aphrodite."

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Karina Adrine looked at her. "An Aphrodite in the fighting arena?" she asked. "No offesne, but that's quite odd. Adrine of Apollo by the way."

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Karina ((hey okays.))

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Karina ((lol. fine with me))

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Karina "Ellie, I think you should tell him." Adrine persisted.

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Karina Adrine turned around smiling. "Hey Mike. We're all fine. This is Andrea from Aphrodite." she told him, placing her hands on his.

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Karina "That's what I've been wondering." she told him. "Sorry," she said turning to Andrea. "But are you new or not?"

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Karina Adrine turned and whispered in Mike's ear. "Ellie thinks she's being followed." she told him.

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Karina Adrine looked at Ellie. "Well its true." she said smiling.

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Karina Adrine sighed. "Why would you want to go to my cabin? No ones there. They're all at class, where I'm supposed to be but not."

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Karina Adrine sighed leaning against him. "But its no fun. I'm to advanced for the class and Chiron won't let me free shoot. Besides, that would mean leaving you guys."

message 30: by Karina (new)

Karina "Who?"

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Karina "Justin? Didn't he say he was going to Master Archery?" she asked confsued. She turned to Mike. "But your so good at aquatics, it makes me feel inferior at times." she told him.

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Karina ((bye.))

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Karina ((okays.))

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Karina ((hey welcome back!))

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Karina "Not sure. So many choices. I think I'll go back to my cabin and look for my iPod."

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"Im nothing like my mother." Andrea said. "In certain aspects I am but in others I am the complete opposite. Like I need to break in these shoes, so thats mainly why I am aut and about. And I left for my fathers at the end of last year, this year is my third summer."

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Karina "Oh okay." Adrine said. "So I guess you've been here beofre. Sorry." she aplogized.

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"Its ok," Andrea said, "I think thats more of mother showing, expecting everyone to already know me for my beaty or whatever."

message 39: by Karina (new)

Karina "Well I've been here for a while and I don't think I know everyone. They way they leave and come back or don't."

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((Hey, what did I miss?))

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Karina ((not much. we just started over.))

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Karina "Alright...I guess I'll go with you Ellie." she said.

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Karina Adrine let herslef free from Mike, gave him a quick kiss and followed Ellie to the Arts and Crafts station.

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Andrea arrived at the fighting arena, she tried to shake the thoughts of why are you here!? You could break a nail and get all gross and sweaty! And foucused on being a good fighter and able to protect.

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Karina "What ever it is, I hope its messy."

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Karina "Alright come on." Adrine said walking towards the area.

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Karina " like my brother, don't you?"

message 48: by Karina (new)

Karina "Are you going to tell him?"

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Karina ((oh yeah..he's still here don't worry.))

message 50: by Karina (new)

Karina "Well my brother is a bit thich headed so he won't know if you don't tell him."

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