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Philip | 25 comments Mod
This topic comes from Bob and I thought it would be a great topic of discussion. Post only books where you can complete the sentence. When you post a book try to include why you feel that it is inspirational.

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Magdalena (magdalenaball) | 2 comments The books that inspire and invoke positive change in me generally aren't those that have been designed for self-help (but rather, fiction and poetry). I've actually got a hub page, which lists 10 books that have inspired me to...become more true to myself and those I love -- to fill the brief outline of my little life more widely, more richly, more deeply: to try and see the biggest picture possible from the dust speck of this moment. I think a great book can do that. Thanks for such a heady topic. Maggie

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Nojood Alsudairi | 1 comments Several books inspired me to see the world from a completely different angle, two of which are The Giver and The House of the Scorpions. Yes! they are children's books yet they made me think, deeply, in the meaning of life.

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Jennifer Conroy | 3 comments "Precious Gifts of Love" ~~ Precious Gifts of Love by C.J. Good ~~ AND ~~ "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment" ~~ Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment by C. J. Good

Author Page:

The above two books inspired me because they taught me how to nurture relationships. The books show me how to identify my ideals, my authentic qualities and my interests.

I found I can best attract love by being myself. I make myself known. I have brought passion and beauty into the relationships.

I have found tremendous creative expression that gives me the opportunity to exercise the transformative power of beauty, love and harmony.

I have found ways to nurture creative energies into physical realities. I now can look to everyday life for poetic inspiration.

My personal spaces and communities are brighter, more beautiful and sparked with good feeling.

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Alex Sinclair Red Dwarf Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (Red Dwarf) by Grant Naylor

This book shaped my career and how I see things. There is a scene where you watch an important part of the story take place from a potted plants point of view. Throughout this series they have a few weird and wonderful point of views, which really made me think about things different. How big dramatic things can seem so... silly and insignificant from a different vantage point. This heavily influenced my writing style, but also how I approached life, as when things get stressful and what not. I think of this and it makes me laugh. Reminds me how things are really that bad.

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Aparna Mukhedkar (Rajapi) | 1 comments To want to read them again and again. I have read, "Charlie and the chocolate factory" so manytimes I have lost count. You know, I too like children's books. They truly make you sit up and think as children do in real life. Just recently, I read a book by Melissa Studdard called Six Weeks To Yehidah and I was really inspired by the young girl in the book called Annalise. She goes through so many challenging situations and has to overcome many obstacles. However, through her courage and valor she does manage to rise above them and also finds her self on this amazing journey. In some places in the book I cried and laughed and thoroughly
enjoyed it. I know I am going to read it again!

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