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Ash's Heroine?

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message 1: by N.V.R. (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:14PM) (new)

N.V.R.  Moore (nvrmoore) | 13 comments Who do you think it'll be? My vote is for Thia. I think Tory is a bit too obvious. What do you think??

message 2: by Heather (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:15PM) (new)

Heather Forintos | 4 comments I totally agree!!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Jocelyn, I too have read the whole series and like you, I'm drawing a blank.

message 4: by N.V.R. (last edited Apr 10, 2008 04:49PM) (new)

N.V.R.  Moore (nvrmoore) | 13 comments Cynthia (Thia) and Tory were featured in The Dream-Hunter, which is an offshoot of the DH series. Thia is named after Artemis and looks just like her. She's a bit of a snot LOL Tory is more of a book worm. Everyone favors Tory for Ash but I say Sherri wouldn't pick something so obvious. I think it's Thia :-)

message 5: by Soully (new)

Soully (soullygifted) | 6 comments I hope it isn't Artie...she doesn't deserve him and truthfully he doesn't deserve her!
I don't like either Thia or Tory for him...though I would like Tory for someone. Thia would be good for someone like Savitar...who could care less, but is too yummy to deny.

message 6: by Heather (last edited Jun 04, 2008 08:17PM) (new)

Heather Lire (heatherlire) I read that we are never going to guess who it is. She makes a very brief apperance in one of the books however I am drawing a blank as to which book it was in.

As for Artie there is no way in hell she would make her the heroine because she would lose her entire fan base.

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (tarzanjanecats) Please no one kill me...
What if it's Nick? I just think if that was the case then you could reread all the books and get a different perspective of everything. It would be neat.

message 8: by Heather (new)

Heather Lire (heatherlire) no it isn't Nick, it is a female. I wish I could remember what book she was mentioned in, but she is definetly female. Nick is going to have his own herione.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I think it's a definate possibility that it will be Thia. I mean come on - on some level Ash really does still love the BG so it wouldn't be a stretch for him to fall for someone who looks like her. I have a feeling they would have one of those I HATE YOU relationships and then end up I dunno getting handcuffed together (although that has been done)

message 10: by Cat Singh (new)

Cat Singh | 10 comments I was just wondering if it had been posted somewhere that it was supposed to be either Thia or Tori? I just don't really see either for Ash. And isn't Tori like 16??

message 11: by Ori (new)

Ori | 15 comments Remember at the time, that was ten or so years ago when Tory was 15. Also, at one of the meetings Sherri made a point that after publishing the book The Dream-Hunter. She just realized that the Hea of Acheron was in that book, on that particular boat. Which suddenly lead to an outbreak where everyone lead a sudden read through on that particular book to figure out who the woman is on that boat. Because Sherri said herself that the Hea is on the boat. Now, just imagine. Thousands of women thinking up different theories of who that woman could be, wittling it straight down to even having the CAT as the candidate!

(Also if your confused about that part. Remember when Arik asked about the Cat and Katra quickly retorted that its a normal cat or something? That lead to alot of discussion.)

So in the Acheron book, 10 years have passed between The Dream-hunter and Acheron book. Here's a bit of an insight on the book that is been used as its opening summary for ACHERON.

" At last, the long awaited and most anticipated book of the Dark-Hunter world.

The god of final fate and the leader of the Dark-Hunters, Acheron Parthenopaeus is used to being in charge... at least in this lifetime. He answers to no one and no one questions him.

Yeah, right. Enter a woman on a forbidden quest out to answer an ancient mystery who won't take no for an answer. Not even from Acheron himself. In spite of his impugning her reputation and foiling her attempts at every step of the way, she will not be denied.

But when ancient guardians and old enemies threaten them, the only hope they have is to stand together or be destroyed individually. The only problem is Acheron isn't sure he can trust anyone with his past, but as the Fates have foretold, in your past lies your future. The time for truth is at hand...

In this book, witness the birth of an Atlantean god, the destruction of their pantheon and the true birth of Daimons and the Dark-Hunters. "

Now after reading this through, I just want to point out a few things that might conflict with the theory of Thia been the one. But I agree with you on the point that if it is Tory, its made so obvious. But sometimes, we just don't realize sometimes that we are very, very good readers where we can link certain things together to figure them out.

10 years have passed and Thia is hold old in the book? 20-21 right? So in the Acheron book she'll be 31 years old. Maybe even older. I'm sorry but Acheron look to be 20 years old, or younger to a certain point where he keeps getting carded for getting a beer at a bar from the bartender, remember that one time he was hanging out with Nick? He was carded? Funny right?

Now lets think with Tory, 10 years passed, so that's going to make her 25 years old when the Acheron book will be released, because its going to be set in this year. The year 2008. So seriously, I'm going to stick with the girl who is crazy about learning the secrets of Atlantis who is going to still look younger and probably may have changed or matured into a completely different woman then from the shy girl who has a fetish craving for sugary goodness candies and treats.

And with Thia, I don't know, I mean either one could be a likely candidate since Sherri said that his Hea has the letter "A" somewhere in her name. Tory is short for Victoria and Thia, well you already see the A in that. So I think she's just doing this all on purpose at some level to really make us ponder over this.

I just pray that Artemis will NOT get another chance with Acheron just so that she hurts him again. I'm sorry, but I'll have to say NEXT!!

Wow. Typed to much again. Sorry ^.^

message 12: by Cat Singh (new)

Cat Singh | 10 comments Thamks so much for clearing that up for me!!
I had no idea that so much time was supossed to have passed between all of the books! Julian and Kyrians kids much be huge!!!
It's kinda sad that it got slipped that Ash's heroine is supossed to be from that particular book, but i do agree that out of everyone i like Tory for it the most.
Less than a month!! I can't wait!!

message 13: by Ori (new)

Ori | 15 comments Actually, I need to clear that up as well for you guys. For the timeline. Kenyon herself said that certain books were supposed to come out earlier then later. So for The Dream Hunter, I believe it was supposed to be the first rather then the last book to be placed out on shelves before Fantasy Lover. You'll have to check on the dates of the books so you can see what I mean.

message 14: by Abigail Childs (new)

Abigail Childs | 9 comments Okay so I am fairly new to Sherrilyn, but I was an instant addict (aka minion) once I read Fantasy lover. - so having said all of the which book is supposed to have Arch's wife/spouse/mate in it?
Seriously confused!

message 15: by Ori (new)

Ori | 15 comments Well in truth, you don't know yet. That book is going to be released on August 5th.

But if you wish to have a clue as to WHOM the mystery woman may be for Acheron's. Read "The Dream-Hunter" along the chapter where they are talking about the boat and look at all the female characters that are on that boat. Now, here's the next clue. She has a "A" in her name. But also remember that some of the girls have nicknames, so its not the full name.

IF you guys have anymore questions you just let me know alright?

message 16: by Chasidy (new)

Chasidy | 157 comments I hate all this speculation about who Acheron's HEA is, it's driving me insane. Personally, I'm a split between Atrie and Tory.

**OFF TOPIC: I know, I know, a lot of Ash lovers hate Artemis, but I can't seem to get enough of her. She brings such an amazing personality to the series even though she is a bitch. The more and more we read about her and Acheron's 'relationship' the more she seems "human". She has her flaws and evidentally regrets what she had to done to Acheron. I can't help but love her and hope for a happy ending.

As for Tory I can understand why it would be her. I think it would be a weird relationship. Imagine, a 20+ year human and a 11,000 year old immortal god? Then again, please tell me what book didn't have a weird and somewhat impossible relationship, you never know. I mean, Nick and Satara are linked the same way as Artemis and Acheron. (that's another story I can't wait for)

I guess in the end I just hope Acheron is happy.

message 17: by Mojca (new)

Mojca | 84 comments Artie had had her chance and she blew it. I guess we'll get the gruesome details soon enough.

Personally I don't care who Ash's intended is, as long as she saves him and makes him happy.

Chasidy, I have to agree with you on the "weird" age differences in the books. But it's always a hoot to read of an ancient warrior/god/whatever brought to his knees by a mere mortal - and a child (compared to him) to boot.

message 18: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Kennedy | 4 comments SPOILER
I read on Amazon, from people who got the advance copy, that Ash's heroine is definatly Troy.

message 19: by Natale (new)

Natale (natalestenzel) | 9 comments I was out signing stock today and saw Acheron!! Picked up my copy. I think I may need to play hooky from work now . . .

message 20: by Ori (new)

Ori | 15 comments Cassy, I don't think people would really like it to give out the spoiler in the book. ^.^ But we can discuss other things on a different thread. Just finished reading the book now.

message 21: by Ashley (last edited Mar 15, 2011 11:00AM) (new)

Ashley (shinhbang) | 23 comments Honestly, I never suspect that Tory would be the answer to Ash's problems. I mean I read about Tory in Dream Hunter when she was little. But wow... to see her as Acheron's heroine, I liked it. Can't complain. :]She completes him.

message 22: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments I wonder if Thia will end up with somebody, maybe Nick.

message 23: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments i forgot about her. she was the one who looked like artemis right?

message 24: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments Yea, but I like Nick with Simi, maybe Solin and Thia would make a good couple.

message 25: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments oh yeah solin was hot

message 26: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments Now that Ash is with Tory, Artemis needs someone to make her leave Ash alone. Who do you think could handle her?

message 27: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments that would have to be another god, some one that could actually smack her when she is being stupid lol

message 28: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments Someone needs to let War loose again.

message 29: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments good idea he will rough her up a bit.

message 30: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments What about Urian? i hope SK writes a book about him

message 31: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments yeah he needs a new love. maybe he will meet a dark huntress

message 32: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments maybe it could be belle, or Zoe could turn straight for him lol

message 33: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments lol

message 34: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments I just remembered another dark huntress, janice smith that moved in to new orleans to help out, i wonder if she stayed there or if she was sent back to florida.

message 35: by Lil (last edited Sep 21, 2009 08:58AM) (new)

Lil (lilmar) | 13 comments Vivi wrote: "Yea, but I like Nick with Simi, maybe Solin and Thia would make a good couple."

It will never be Nick and Simi, no matter how much we might like to see it. I was just re-reading Dark Side of the Moon, when Nick and Ash see each other for the first time in 2 years and it did not go well. Nick is p*ssy and has major attitude, even though Ash is trying to be civil. It degenerates further and further until Nick snidely asks Ash how Simi is. Ash about loses it again and tells Nick "Don't EVER speak her name to me again."

I don't think Ash would ever allow that. I think it would be the one time that he would put Simi under lock and key for a long long time. And besides, she may be a young demon and headstrong, but when Akri says NO she obeys...even if she grumbles about it, lol.

message 36: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments didn't jaden or someone have another demon that sits on them like a tattoo, the same way simi does on Ash?

message 37: by Lil (new)

Lil (lilmar) | 13 comments Alexion (Ias) has Simi's sister bonded to him. Sins of the Night (Alexion/Danger)

message 38: by Vivi (last edited Sep 21, 2009 04:48PM) (new)

Vivi | 84 comments Lauren wrote: "didn't jaden or someone have another demon that sits on them like a tattoo, the same way simi does on Ash?"

Yeah, her name is Xirena but when Alexion took her to Katoteros she told Simi she didn't like man only demons

message 39: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments i thought there was a boy too. simi gave him her scare bear.

message 40: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments Lauren wrote: "i thought there was a boy too. simi gave him her scare bear."

Your right, wasn't he with jared?

message 41: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments i think so i just can't remember his name

message 42: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments his name is nim

message 43: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Mackey lol, I'm so lost in what book you are in? I lost track of the order of the books, and I ended up jumping around a bit.

message 44: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments Kristen wrote: "lol, I'm so lost in what book you are in? I lost track of the order of the books, and I ended up jumping around a bit."

we're just talking of who Nick and Simi should end up with

message 45: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Mackey Ohhhh......okay, what book was it that Nick died in because I never read it and another book later on mentioned it....I don't know which ones I've missed....very frustrating!

message 46: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 126 comments THATS IT . they called him nimrod i think cause he was being a pain

kristen i honestly don't rememeber what book it was in i think it was a book or two before ash's

message 47: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Mackey And who is Jaden? never mind, I'm missing too many characters now....

message 48: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Mackey Grrrr........maybe I just need to read the series over

message 49: by Vivi (new)

Vivi | 84 comments I think Nick died in Seize the Night

message 50: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Mackey And who was in Seize the Night? Who was the DH? lol sorry, I'm trying to catch up a bit....

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