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((ok, I'll start. btw, Koutei is Japanese for Emperor. ))

Ushio sat, looking bored. she wished Haine was there and that she would stop stupidly loving the Koutei. "Shizumasa-sama, Shizumasa-sama! I can't see what she sees in him anyway." she sighed.
"Ushio! i got some Taiyaki for the council! would you like one? we have chocolate and plain." said Maora. Ushio looked up bored. "no." she said coldly.
"come on, it's good!" Maora pleaded, looking sad.
Ushio sighed. "fine, chocolate." maybe the strange Crossdresser would leave if she took one.
"Yay!" Maora bounced up and down.
"now please leave." Ushio snapped.
"fine..." Maora said, looking hurt.
Ushio sighed. would it never stop? all these annoying people after Haine. oh, well. she bit into the head of the cake and noticed how good it was, then finished it in silence.

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Ushio smiled. she was glad Haine was here. "where were you?" she asked. "I was waiting for you at our normal lunch spot, but you didn't come."

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ember (emberrayne) ((can i be maora))

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(( sure! saves me from complicated-ness. ))

"I could help you." Ushio offered.

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(( sure! saves me from complicated-ness. ))

"I could help you." Ushio offered.

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ember (emberrayne) ((yay ))

message 7: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) Maora jumped haine guess what"

message 8: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "guess what"

message 9: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "come on guess"

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Ushio sighed. there he was again. would he never leave. she glanced at the clock. Senri-sensei would be in his office now. she stood and left.

(( i really don't like the part of Ushio that is kind of a prostitute. makes me sad.))

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ember (emberrayne) AWW ))
i made oka kun dress like me see" picks up oka kun and he is dressed in maoras school uniform.

message 12: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "yup" *>< grin*

message 13: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) about 10 min"

message 14: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "yea i know remember that gown you tried to make *laugh* "

message 15: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "i was just laughing about the memory i helped you didn't i"

message 16: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) uhuh"

message 17: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "ok"

message 18: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) its k ill help you i already finished my work for today"

message 19: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ((gtg))

message 20: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ok why"

message 21: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "ok"

message 22: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) maora decided to look for maguri

message 23: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) oka kun popped up next t her* baaaaaa*

message 24: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) *baaaaa* snuggle*

message 25: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) maora walked in looking worried "there you are oka kun i was so worried"

message 26: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "he just ran of"

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Ushio stared. why was the fuzzy sheep thing looking freaked out? no one else seemed to notice this. oh, well. she continued on her way, avoiding Haine and Maora.

message 28: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "thank you"

message 29: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "thanks sure you dont want help"

message 30: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "hahaha *huggels* love you haine"

message 31: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) *"MIND ORACLE GENERATION*"

message 32: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) deeper voice maora" haine message from the emperor here you go"

message 33: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) huh what do you mean let me see "

message 34: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) what i can read it perfectly "

message 35: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "no thats pretty big are you sure your not sick"

message 36: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "um ok

DEAR Haine meat me in the hanging garden in ten minuets

message 37: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "he wouldn't yell at you haine"

message 38: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ((i will i guess))

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Ushio walked into the hanging gardens. she had once liked this place, so free feeling, but ever scince Haine- no, she musn't think about it, or the wall will break, and all of her feelings will come free. she stood there, quietly calming herself, when she heard a noise, soundlessly, she darted behind a tree, and listened.

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(( i really don't think it matters, you do whichever you want to))

Ushio stiffened. Haine was meeting HIM again.

message 41: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ((yes takanari wait i be takanari no shizun ))
takanari was near the tree where they met " im over here " he said

message 42: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) " i was wondering if you would go with me somewhere this weekend" (( i just love how i always end up being a guy))

message 43: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "um where ever you want to go"

message 44: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "how come"

message 45: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ((i think haine should be a bit more excited))
" how about we go ice skating"

message 46: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "good how about tomorrow at 4:00 pm

message 47: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "wow that was strange she looked sick again"

message 48: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) ((awww))

message 49: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) maora ran up to haine "HOW DID IT GO HAINE *HUGGELS*"

message 50: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) "hurray"

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