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The Incredible Lightness of Laughing

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Gary I keep several Far Side books by my bedside, which I read just before going to sleep. I run through perhaps a dozen comics or so until one strikes my fancy and makes me giggle, smirk, guffaw, laugh, or chortle. It is replacement for sleeping meds.

Scar I like to read comics before I go to bed also. I must have read this book a 1000 times already. :)

C. J. Scurria That's funny. I keep this book next to my bed too. Kept reading it when I was about to go to sleep as well.

Donna Davis My family kept it in a different room. It was a room others wanted to use frequently, and it drove them insane to hear someone in there laughing like crazy. No one removed the book from the room though, because they all wanted it to be there when they went in, too.

My first Larson cartoon was sent to me by my BFF inside a Christmas card. I was 26 years old and pregnant with my third child, living a thousand miles from most of my family. It was the one with the polar bears and the know the one. I LMAO, and this was back the '80s, before LMAO was even invented. Then I posted it on the fridge for my spouse to read when he got home.

Susanharrison The far side books literally reduce me to tears, I keep some next to my phone for when I'm stuck on hold .

Colleen Green I don't need to tell people about my day on FB I just find a Gary Larson cartoon that says it all! Love the Vikings remarking about going in circles! These books are always on our coffee table in the lounge room.

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Chris Yeah, this book got me through a tough time in my life.

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Rae Lowery I love the Far Side so much! I remember the first time I read Gary Larsen's comic strip; it was so different from anything else out there, and it was love at first laugh

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Rae Lowery When I worked in a cubical (back in the days when I didn't get to be a writer full time) I had a whole slew of Gary Larsen's cartoons pinned to the wall so people walking by could have something to smile about.

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