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Olivia (livibooks3) Ok, I am posting the first chapter of a writing piece here. Please do not comment here, just go to the topic for it in the critique section. Thanks! Hope you like it!

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Olivia (livibooks3) Lupus
It was a dark night, and deep shadows crept into every alleyway as clouds covered the moon. That was good. It would provide cover for the robbery. Don’t get any ideas about me, it’s not like I was going to rob a bank or some poor guy’s house. No, I was on a mission for my team. Sounds like a James Bond movie, right? But this was no movie. In the back streets of Rockton, Massachusetts, orphans who didn’t want to get stuck in a home had to join a group, or they would never make it. I was a part of the wolves, and sometimes things got a little out of hand.
Don’t get me wrong, I liked being part of the Wolves. We were really organized, with a school set up and everything; even music classes, all taught by older teens. However, proud, rebellious, temperamental kids as we were, we tended to make a lot of enemies with other groups, like the Bears and the Deer. It sounds like a bad joke, but it’s true. The Deer were mostly swift, limber kids who provided well for themselves, but other than their speed, they didn’t have much going for them, so we mostly took supplies from them when we couldn’t get enough, splitting their stash so we all had what we needed- and sometimes even vice versa, helping them. Sometimes we recruited from their ranks, because they were already athletic; one less thing to teach them.
The Deer didn’t mind too much, but the Bears- huge, lumbering, idiotic strongmen with a few really smart guys mixed in- the Bears we just pissed off. And it wasn’t fun when you watched a muscleman destroy something you had worked on for months before you could drive him off.
Anyway, I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked. I’m Torran. Weird name, right? When I was little, I never noticed. By the time I was old enough to care, my parents were gone and everyone had gotten used to it. One of the Wolves, a guy named Kevin, always hated me for it, though. To this day he is still trying to complain about a girl like me being sent on such important missions. This morning I shut him up by taking him to the top of a tree in our compound and leaving him there (he’s a terrible climber), but it only ever lasts for a few weeks before he starts complaining again.
So, everyone in the Wolves has to have strength, speed, stealth, and smarts (it’s the little inside joke of my friends Joshua, Leah and I to talk about the four S’s), but I am one of the best in the stealth department- that’s how I got this job. This time, the Bears had acquired an item that was mysterious, but the leaders said was crucial- all I knew was what it looked like. They also had an order card to pick up a big load of lumber that we needed to finish our treehouse. The Reconnaissance team had located the items and Tech had created an app for my watch that could show me where they were. The Bears were conked out, snoring in their shack. It was time to go in.

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Olivia (livibooks3) OK I am now posting chapter 2 everyone

Slowly I slid down my rope from the roof into the alley next to the shack. I slipped across to the window, staying in the shadows. I greased the hinges of the window before opening it. I couldn’t be too careful. Maybe the snoring Bear was actually a light sleeper, and then where would I be?
I swung up through the window lightly and landed on the balls of my feet. I had reached the right room. The “office” of the Bears was rather bare. A desk and filing cabinet and a single ancient-looking light bulb were the extent of the decorations. The grey walls and dismal ceilings were not at all inviting. But that didn’t matter. I needed to finish the mission. Plus, I could hear deep breathing from the sentry in the next room. I needed to get in and out as fast as possible.
I slunk over to the cabinet and opened it to a file marked, “Wood”. I located the order card for the lumber and stowed it in my shoe. The safest place to put anything is in the toe of a sturdy shoe. At least, that was what we orphans said. “We orphans”. I hadn’t always included myself in that category. When I was eight, I had been mousy-brown haired, sea-blue eyed and carefree. My biggest worry was if I could have a play date that day. Mom and Dad had caught the flu. At first I didn’t take any notice. It was a regular winter sickness, right? But then I realized that they seemed… sicker than when any of us had gotten it before. They continued to worsen, and the doctors didn’t know what to do. This was no flu. Soon it spread all over town. It was an epidemic, but strangely it didn’t seem to affect anyone under the age of 20. No one knew what the cutoff was, but one thing was for sure: the sickness only infected adults.
Everyone who got it died. Our town was soon overflowing with orphans, permanently quarantined. So the groups started. The Wolves, Bears, Deer, Cougars, Hawks, and Rabbits all came into being. Most adults turned a blind eye, the rest were kind, would give the teens in our midst jobs, and tried to convince us to change our ways, and a select few tried to round us up… but more on that later. And my parents…
I fiercely, roughly wiped at my eye. No time for nostalgia now. I had to finish this. I glanced at my watch. It confirmed my guess that the object was in the desk. I opened the drawer carefully and beheld it. Despite my caution, I couldn’t hold back my words from softly slipping out. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

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