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Rowley ?

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message 1: by Pandora (last edited Jan 17, 2009 11:40AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Pandora I just finished reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I was wondering if anyone had questions about the best friend Rowley. It seemed to me reading between the lines that there might be something wrong with Rowley. If there is isn't Greg a jerk for taken advantage of Rowley? If this is so what does it say about the author?

!?!BOoK LOvEr!?! no have no question and what would u know more than us???

Pandora My question is that I that was something wrong with Rowley like being brain damaged. For me this makes Greg a complete jerk for taking adventage of him and completely unlikeable. I also questioned when would an author put this scence in? Granted it has been a long time since I read this book but, what I remember is finding the whole bit about Rowley to be very unfunny and even cruel. This probably is because I knew a kid like Rowely.

Mary Vernon Pandora Kat - I can see your point, but I never really thought he was brain-damaged. Remember the book is skewed because it's from Greg's perspective, and according to Greg, Greg is the coolest cat around. The reason I found the book so funny is because most of the time, I see Greg from a parents' perspective and see how he's got it all wrong. Have you seen the movie (the first one)? I think the movie does a good job of portraying things from a realistic perspective, and they did a really good job with Rowley. Yes, Rowley might be a little dorky, but he is genuine and real, and people appreciate and like him for who he is. Greg does finally wake up and realize that Rowley is a true friend and comes through for him in the end. It's a painful lesson about friendship and humanity, from a kid's perspective.

Becky i've seen the movie and read the book... are you asking if there is something wrond with Rowely??

Pandora No, I haven't seen the movie. I had trouble enough with the book. As I mentioned in my comments I did know someone who seemed to be like Rowley and so for me the whole scence was too personal too find funny.

Becky I was asking is there something wrong with Rowely.

I have heard the movie does a better job then what I can remember from the book. Again it has been a long time since I read the book and right now it is not possible to get my hands on it. So, I can't really check up my facts.

I don't remember the turn around. I was probably too upset with what Greg did. I recognize that I might have taken this too personally. For now I just accept that wimmpy kid is now all the rage and focus on other books. Like Captain Underpants or the Zodiac girls. As well as Neal Shusterman, Phyllis Naylor etc. Currently I am reading The Book Thief.

Becky I don't really know the answer to your question! Sorry

Pandora Mary actually answered the question. I know the book is very popluar and I was trying to figuare out why. I was also trying to find out if my reaction to Rowley was justfied. Mary did help me to see that the book is suppose to slanted because it is from Greg's point of view. It is also obvivous that people are getting more from the book that I did.

However I probably will never grow to like this series. Not every book is for everyone. Though it is not a favorite it not the worst book I have read. I perfer My Dear Dumb Diary which I think does a better job of showing reality vs Jamie's view.

I did though learn to appreciate Harry Potter by talking with my niece. Though in that case it wasn't the story that bothered me. It was having adults talk about the Harry Potter as if it was Les Miserables.

Becky good explanation

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Greg is a jerk slightly but that's the point, he's a typical self-centered child in the modern day world, with a humorous twist where the author exaggerates bad qualities.

Becky exactly

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Ethan In the movie it stands out to people, that it looks like he has problems.

!?!BOoK LOvEr!?! ya I agree

Christopher rowley is a real 1st grader

Kaitlin he needs to mature a little and have his parents not be total freaks on parenting

Kaitlin but at the same time gregs taking to much advantage and is a jerk

Lucy u guys know its just a comic book right...

Kaylee~ yes, i think they do...

Carlie yes i agree to most discussions greg is very self-centered
who is your favorite character? i like rowley but he does need to grow up a little

Kaitlin yay were all on the same page hi kaylee

Kaylee~ hooplah! hi!

Ariel lucy wrote: "u guys know its just a comic book right..."

lol i was thinking that...then I thought about it and decided to think about it seriously..for the sake of it :)

Kaitlin It's pretty realistic but yes it is a comic like thing book

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Anna -Pandora Kat You show great concern about a fictional character, Yes, he did take quite an advantage of poor Rowley and I better if the author read your message. He would be touched to know that someone is concerned about his character. However, on the subject of brain damage, I hardly think so. He could have something but I am not quite sure what that is at this point. You could list what he is like and look up different sicknesses and illnesses and stuff like that and see if you are right. Thanks.

Ashley My little sisers friends uncle knows the author and the uncle is supposed to be rowley.

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Wadedaigle20 Your kinda creppy. Im not ganna answer that!!

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Olivia Ok I agree with Maria b. U asked first and this is an open forum. People can comment on it that u don't know! Gosh

Wadedaigle20 Olivia, The 60 people who are friends in this are all class mates.just saying

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Olivia But we didn't know that. U can make the forum private that only people that u invite can b in it. This is an open forum. Anyone can post something on it

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Olivia lol... make the forum private if u dont want other people u dont know posting stuff on it. maria was just posting her opinion

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i really think rowley has brain damage and someone should fix his brain. LOL!!!!

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message 45: by Kyle (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kyle good book

Aditi *the bookworm* Burman For me Rowley is a sweet, cute, fully pampered 1st grade boy

aaliyah robinson good book

Tyler Good book. have you seen the movie.

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