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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 109 comments Well, I decided to do createspace afterall, despite my problems. The cover isn't that badly messed up and I can ignore those two typos in the book.


That's my e-store.

Before anyone else brings it up, Not only is Strange Tales NOT trademarked, but it was also only for a comic book and those words are in public domain, even so, it's officially titled Kevin Conner's Strange Tales triplet vol. 1

If you do happen to want to purchase the book, I advise you wait 12-15 days until it's on amazon.com

Even though I only get 60 cents in royalties, amazon.com has cheaper shipping for total book orders over whatever it is (t's $50 for free shipping right?). CreateSpace.com is expensive on shipping.


message 2: by Jaimey (new)

Jaimey (jaimeygrant) | 12 comments Free shipping on Amazon is for $25 orders, which comes out to only 2-3 books usually. Meanwhile, now that you've released your book for publication, you are allowed to choose the media rate shipping option when ordering your author copies, so the rates are quite reasonable now, as opposed to the rates for proof copies.

I bookmarked your CreateSpace page. I'll check back when Amazon has you listed, too. Your book sounds very interesting. I'll have to add it to my wishlist as soon as it's on Goodreads. :o)

message 3: by Kevin (last edited Jan 17, 2009 08:20PM) (new)

Kevin | 109 comments thank you very much Jaimey for compliment and correction ^_^

I wanted to put this in my description but thought it best not to:

I write stories in the same genre as One Step Beyond. It came out prior to Twilight Zone, and I believe the quality was a bit better (even though I love Twilight Zone).

So because of this I try to vary the type of content in my stories quite a bit.

I chose my three stories for these reasons:

A Curse To Love - it's my personal favorite, and my friend's person favorite. I call it a true romance story. No sex, no heaving bosoms. It's about the life of a Gorgon (Medusa), and her two sisters. I use the terms interchangeably in my descriptions for the sake of the reader as very few people know the word Gorgon is the appropriate term for the species and Medusa was really the name of a single entity, so I have to use them interchangeably for recognition purposes.

Moors is a short story basically introducing people to a character named Elinee. I chose it because Elinee is part of the history for my web manga, and I needed to expand the content of my webmanga website. So I planned on prepping this story to release on the web. It will be available for free come Feb 1st in this fashion: I'm prepping each page of Moors to be a graphic file that's loaded up for the user to view, yet prevents them from right click saving or caching it to their computer.
I'll then have 4 advertisements per each page of my "virtual book". So that way I get advertising revenue. Basically people will be reading it for free, at the expense of those who advertise to my site.
For each person who reads the story, I'll get about 80 cents in compensation. Which is comparable to actual sales revenue if I divide the book proportionally.

Andrew Colon Space Custodian tends not to be enjoyed by people who don't like sci-fi. But I needed a comedic story in there, and I wanted something other than Davin McDurrin. Some people think it's hilarious, other people can't stand it. But that's ok ^_^

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 109 comments Here's the preview copy which apparently doesn't automatically activate.


message 5: by Jaimey (new)

Jaimey (jaimeygrant) | 12 comments Hi, Kevin.

I downloaded your preview from CreateSpace and was laughing--quietly, the hubby & babies are sleeping--before I even reached the end of the copyright page. Had I read it the middle of the day, I'd have LOL'd all over the place...which sounds mildly gross...

Anyway, your writing is so quirk-ily entertaining. Believe me, I can totally relate to feeling like one's brain is being shared by many people. I may write Regency romances at this time, but I am also working on a sci-fi fantasy series, a psycho thriller, and a medieval romance. My oldest brother and I are also writing a sci-fi novel and my younger brother and I are writing a few children's books (he illustrates). Unfortunately, I take myself too seriously to write a truly terrific farce. I should work on that...

I did read chapter one of "Andrew Colon..." here on Goodreads. I left a comment...

message 6: by Kevin (last edited Jan 19, 2009 08:59PM) (new)

Kevin | 109 comments tyvm ^_^

I try to do all sorts of things. My sci fi series specifically is high stress, so I really try my best to balance out my writing with other pieces so I don't turn into a psychotic who kills off all his characters like so many other writers. I don't want anyone comparing me or my writing to the mental case that was Hans Christen Anderson. I want my writing to reflect the actual content of the story's environment.

Yes, you can find Andrew Colon on my profile on goodreads.com for the time being :)

Just be warned though, Andrew Colon on goodreads is the unedited version. Lots of grammar errors.

Also, just so you know, the full copy of Andrew is on goodreads (in two parts).

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