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MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Emily got on ship shaking.The last time she was on a boat she cried and jumped of board and they had to get a mini boat and go rescue her,she crossed her fingers that it would be better

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Emily gave the man her ticket and he gave her the key to the room she was in.

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER She walked over to the elevator and got on she hoped her room would be super nice,because last time it was so ugly people laughed at her


MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Emily stopped at room 633 and opened the door.her mouth dropped open "wow" she said There was a king size bed, a belcouny like every room does,a little living room ,kitchen, and a giant Plasma Screen TV

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Aaron walked on board of the ship a grimace on his face, he was not looking foreward to this and Noelle was not helping anything.

"Oh my goodness daddy! This is amazing!" Noelles high soprano voice rang through the crowd easily.

"Lets get our room keys." Bill said and they waited in line.

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♥Jenny♥ Katie gave her ticket to the ticket collector, as he gave her the keys to her room. She walked over to the elevator and stopped at room 634. Katie used the key that was given to her to open the door as she walked into her room. Just like everyone else's room there was a king size bed, a belcouny,a little living room ,kitchen, and a Plasma Screen TV. "Amazing" Katie thought to her self as she looked around her room and walked over to her bed.

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Entering the room he would be sharing with Noelle, Aaron felt hatred burning in side of hime the room was nice yes, but it was overly nice. His mother would never have been able to affored anything near this. To Aaron it seemed like Bill was just showing off. Tossing his stuff on his bed Aaron left hte room and desided to walk around.

Noelle left Aaron alone. She was to preoccupied with organizing her things in the her closet just the right way so in an emergancy she could find a certain thing instantly. She then plopped down on her bed and turned the plasma on.

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♥Jenny♥ Katie fell flat on her bed as she dropped all her stuff on the floor right next to the bed. "Thank you so much, Mom" she said to her self as she stared at the ceiling. Katie hadn't noticed that she had forgoten to shut the door as she walked into her room.

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♥Jenny♥ ((hey Janelle, do u mind if Aaron and Katie fall in love?))

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Just then Victoria walked by the room Katie was staying in and she saw her fall flat on her bed.

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♥Jenny♥ Katie suddenly sat up as she noticed someone standing at her door, "Ohh, I'm sorry" Katie told Victorica as she got of her bed and walked towards her. "Hi, I'm Katie" Katie said as she held her han out.

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Emily lay down on her bed and wondered about all her friends back home and what they were doing at this same second.A tear filled her eye and she wiped it away

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Victoria said "Hi I'm Victoria."

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♥Jenny♥ "Nice to meet you Victorica" Katie Replied

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((Sound good with me))

Aaron was about halfway around the boat. He walked over to the railing. The ship had already left port and was cuting through the water easily. Looking down at the water Aaron sighed, his father had been a marine bioligist, then in a freak accident he never returned home.

((Where is teh ship headed, Like the caribbean, alaska, Hawaii?

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((Ok!! Sweet! I ve always wanted to go to the Caribbean!))

Noelle, bored of the tv slipped into her swimsuit and got her sun tan lotion, ipod, and magazines, she needed to perfect her tan before school started up again.

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Victoria said "Want to go to the deck"

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"Hey!" Noelle said, "Im Noelle! If you didnt alreay know! Isntthis amazing?!"

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"I love the sun, I just wish my step broher would be at least a little more civil." Noelle rolled her eyes as she finished.

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"Yeah acting like he hates everything, not speaking, one word responses, the whole deal." Noelle layed back againts her warm towel. "Hopefully this will relax him, he is a nice kid, but..."

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"He has a lot of contention towards my ddad, since my dad was the one who said were going on a cruise. And Aarons father was a mairine bioligist and somthing happend and his dad never came home. So," Noelle took a breath laughing aliitle, "Aaron is holding a grudge to my dad of trying to be a replacement to soon. Gosh that must have been boring for you sorry," Noelle looked guilty, on carring on and to Aaron for basicly telling his life story to a near complete stranger.

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"Nice to meet you to!" Noelle said smiling.

Aaron froze when he heard Noelles chipper voice, he wasnt in the mood for her, but it was either running into her or dealling with his mom and Bill, so he continued going forword.

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"Bye!" Noelle said, she then saw Aaron walking by, "Aaron!"

"What?" Aaron said grimacing,

"Nothin' just wanted to say hi, goodness gracious." Noelle said turning back to her magazine.

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♥Jenny♥ "I think I'll just walk around for awhile" Katie told victoria as she smiled.

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♥Jenny♥ ((Jamie u kinda added another Katie))

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"Ok, see you around then." Victoria went to the deck.

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♥Jenny♥ ((lol, u don't have too, there can just be two Katies then lol))

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♥Jenny♥ Katie tured around and walked back towards her bed as she looked around.

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Aaron turned from Noelle and walked to the food area, knowing Noelle would never set foot there, and loaded up a plate, he was going to get his filling.

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♥Jenny♥ Katie closed the door and fell on her bed again she really didn't belive that her mom paid for this, it was totally awesome for her to get away from home, after all that had happend.

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Noelle stood and gathered her towel and magazines the sun was starting toset and having not yet gotten her baring of hte ship she thought it best ot head back to her room she was sharing with Aaron.

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♥Jenny♥ Katie got up from her bed walked out of her room and then shut the door behind her and started to walk through the hallway.

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Noelle set her things on her bed and walked to fathers room with her new step mother and told them she was getting some food.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Raquel put her large case on the bed and took out her camera. She was excited to see what shots she could get, but this room was huge. It had a king sized bed, a balcony, and double doors to a sitting room with a kitchen, and then another pair of double doors where her partner, Jordan, would e staying.

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