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Lizzy June woke up, startled. Quickly she sat p and jumped into the shower, washing her hair speedily.
Finally, she was dressed and ready to go.

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Lizzy June saw Kenna rush out of her building and smiled. she herself was ready to go and had her Jaguar started. She drove softly next to Kenna.
"Need a ride?"

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Bree practly ran to work and she saw her co-workers Kenna and June rushing up behind her.

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"Nah, We're here." She turned up the street and into there work buliding.

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"Ok" Bree like Kenna's help. And felt it comforting She was doing this for her brother and she didn't know anything about spys.

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O. Crap. Bree knew she had to do something to stop Kenna from being fried but she couldn't think of anything

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"What?" Bree said she could see Kenna's excitement

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"Cool. I didn't think you would be" Bree said and ket Kenna pull her into a hug.

((Yeah I will I talk to u later then))

message 10: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy June saw bree hug Kenna. She smiled to herself before going to her 'office' It was walled up with maps all of which were covered with large red, green, blue, and purple markers. Four men, four markers, four different people.One spy. It was all to easy.

message 11: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Hmm..."June said, not takeing her eyes off the paper.
"Thats it!!! I've figured it out!! Paris, thats where I need to go! thanks Kenna!"She said, raceing out of the door and running to Mr.Maex door.
"mr.max, I know where to go!"

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Lizzy "Paris- I need to leave immediately sir."She hinted, growing impatient.

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Lizzy June rlled her eyes and placed both hands on his desk.
"Sir, I was up tell 1:00 this morning, putting stuipd flags on a map. I listened to forien language and drank at least 15 cups of coffee." She leaned in and glared.
"Not only am i sure, I am absolutely freakin positive. At least I will be until 4:00 this afternoon when they plan to move."

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Lizzy June nodded and left the room, aalmost bumping into Kenna.
"Oh, hey. How do you like Europe?"

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Lizzy "Don't worry about that. You'll pay off while you work. With me. Hurry, we gotta get packed!"

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Lizzy "yup" She pulled Kenna along with her to the doors. "Mr.Max wasn't to happy with that totalled car."She said smiling back at her friend.
"Wasn't it borrowed from this commpany?"

message 17: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy ((gtg, brb!!))

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Bree over heard June and Mr. Max. She walk into her new office and read over the assignment Mr. Max had just given her.

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((Im on but its an hour later))

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((Don't Care))

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Holly was being backup for Jenna just in case. So she was watching her

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Holly heard her headset ring. Kenna needed her to do some work on case #63

message 26: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy June parked in front of the air port and checked her watch again.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) ((im feeling particularly lazy right now...anyone want to fill me in?))

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Aly walked into the building and was acting like she had already been there for hours

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) ((i'm not June. I'm Nikki.))
Nikki walked up to Aly. "Your late." She noted.

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Lizzy June saw Kenna and gave a sigh of relief before pointing at her watch. They borded the plane quickly and were in the air.

message 31: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "About two hours."She answerd, shrugging.
((whyd you say whoops?))

message 32: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Nope. I'll be listening to this tape if you wanna hear..."she offered. "Its about the suspects."

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Lizzy "Yeah....the one with the deepset voice is called Karl. The high pitched one- yeah, the one that sounds like a pansy- his name is Eric. And the last one..ugh, this guy sends shivers down my spines. I don't know his name, but they call him: 'H.M.'. H.M. is our main suspect. we think he's planning to bomb the U.S.A. and has- several times- treid to kill the president. Somehow, hes managed to escape the prisons and insane asylum every time. He's only been hald captive for aboput a week.

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