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message 1: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Name:June (code name:Agent 77)
Spy or normal person:Spy
Personality:bold, quite, smart, clever, quickwitted, fast, strong, sarastic, creative
Appearance:tall, lean, dark short hair, bright blue eyes, pale
Other:keeps t herself but can get out of any situations.

message 2: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy I like yours too!!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Bree
Age: 16
Personality: Brave, outgoing, Blends in alot.
Appearance:Long blond hair, Blue eyes, Pale, Average size.
Other: Picks locks, Photographic memory

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Name:Aly (agent 33)
Spy or normal person:spy
Apernce:black hair,fair skin,always wears black,a watch on her left hand


message 6: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy ... awkward... jk,jk!!

message 7: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy im more of a tomboy. straightening iorns are a hazard in my life, and please people, lets not leave out painful bobby pins. ugh, I hate those things! my sister pokes them into hard. of course it wasn't awkward- thats why I said 'just kidding'.

message 8: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 20, 2009 07:07AM) (new)

Name:Holly (Agent 18)
Age: 14
Spy or normal person: New spy
Personality: very outgoing
Apernce: long brown hair always in a ponytail
Other: very perswasive and very good lyer

message 9: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy lol!!

message 10: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy i get you- im ok shopping but is definately NOT my happy place. give me a baseball bat, a glove, and a ball and I'll be ready to say i'm happy.


message 12: by Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (last edited Jan 22, 2009 02:21PM) (new)

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Name: Nikki(Agent 3)
Age: 18
Spy or normal person: Spy
Personality: Calm, thinker, fast, likes to be in charge, can be cold
Apearance: [image error]

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) haha no i changed it.

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