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MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David started walking to his first class English

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER ((LOL)) David laughed and ran back over to her and hit her in the back "Oh sorry.My bad won`t happen again"

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER ((i thought u said Cruise ship rp?)


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Jamie walked into her English class and saw to people contenuiesly kicking each other

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"Thanks" Jamie said. She had moved so many times it became a routine for her.

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Risa was sitting in the classroom, alone,"im bored. i hate being new. someone come. soon" she sighed

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Risa turned around and smiled"hi. im Risa. nice to meet u!" she held out her hand

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"uuuhhh, no," risa raised an eyebrow

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"i just moved here, so yeah." risa smiled

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"that'd be cool!"

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risa sat down and turned to face the teacher

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risa took out her pen and started working on her paper

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David did his work.Then sat back in his sit trying to write a song ((LOL)) Try to leave a light in when I`m gone..... he began

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risa turned in her paper and sat back down. she saw david writing something,"watcha doin?" she whispered

Writing a song" he replied back

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"wats it called?"

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "I was thinking Light On?" he said ((Do u no who David Cook is??I was just wondering cause not many people do))

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((i know him, but im not that into him))
"can i see wat u wrote so far?"

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER ((ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...Cool!!))

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((hehe yeah))

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "Sure" David said giving Risa the paper the read Try to leave a light on when I`m gone.Leave a little day light shine on.And you won`t feel so u-tite

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risa looked at the lyrics thoughtully,"these r so good,"

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David smiled "Thanks"

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"u should continue writing these. thats pure talent," she smiled back

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David nodded and stared at the paper with a blank look in his eyes .*ring* the bell rang

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "Well I guess I`ll see you around then" he said picking up his books and walking to Socal studies

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David went to his locker first to put his English books away and got his Socal studies books and walked to it


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risa waved and picked up her books. she walked over to her locker and got out her books

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David saw Risa getting her books from across the hall and noticed that his locker was right next to hers

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David walked into the socal studies and took his sit

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "Hey" David said

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "Did we have homework?" he asked "`Cause if we did I did not do it"

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "Yeah.I think" David said

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David did his work and handed it to the teacher and took out his song

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER So far he had this Try to leave a light on when I`m gone.Leave a little day light shine on.And you won`t feel so up-tite

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David looked at her"Well I`m finished with my work" David said

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "You just hate music!You only like Your boy friend Joe`s music that goes like I gotta Ta find you!"

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David laughed when he noticed that Joe was right behind him "Um I didn`t mean that" David said about to burst into laughter

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "Well" David said

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David put his song away and got up and went to his locker

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MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David walked past Marisa "Who`s this dude" he asked

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David went to Biology and sat on the other side of Marisa "Who`s this guy" David said

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER "COOL!!" David yelled trying to get Marisa mad

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER David smiled and wondered about Risa where is she David thought

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER ((yeah i guess))


MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER ((LOL!!yuck Joe *fake throws up*)


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