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message 1: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam walked toward the construction site, hoping to be able to do something useful.

message 2: by Karina (new)

Karina ((kays.))

Cam looked around and smiling she ran toward a wall, appearing on the other side. "Love doing that." she whispered to herself.

message 3: by Karina (new)

Karina ((whic girl?))

message 4: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam looked around. Others were here.

message 5: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam walked around trying to find the people, they were getting stronger.

message 6: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam could sense them. She had to walk through a wall to get to them.

message 7: by Karina (new)

Karina Why are they so hard to find? Cam wondered walking over and through construction equipment.

message 8: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam stopped at a small thud. "They're closer...or one of them is." she said walking foward slowly.

message 9: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam looked up, confused. "Sorry." she said, observing him closer. "You special." she pointed out.

message 10: by Karina (new)

Karina "Your special." she said again. "I'll leave then." she said and ran toward a wall to dissapear on the other side. She stayed there to see what he would do.

message 11: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam walked back through the wall to his side. "I can sense it." she told him, leaning.

message 12: by Karina (new)

Karina "Thanks. No wonder I couldn't find you two correctly."

message 13: by Karina (new)

Karina Hello. Cam thougth smiling.

message 14: by Karina (new)

Karina "Hello. Camila, but I go by Cam actually."

message 15: by Karina (new)

Karina "You better not." Cam said laughing.

message 16: by Karina (new)

Karina ((the charactors all just meet))

message 17: by Karina (new)

Karina ((really? i don't have school tmrw.))

message 18: by Karina (new)

Karina ((yeps.))

message 19: by Karina (new)

Karina "Will you stop doing that?" she asked. "I can just walk through walls next time?"

message 20: by Karina (new)

Karina "I'm alot faster and stronger than I look." she said. "Besides the poles have holes like stairs."

message 21: by Karina (new)

Karina "She's special too." Cam said.

message 22: by Karina (new)

Karina "Wow. You don't have the most amazing social skills in the world do you?" she asked him. Cam walked up to Carly. "Hi. I'm Cam." she said.

message 23: by Karina (new)

Karina "Nice to meet you to Carly." she said. "You either don't know yet or have no idea what I'm talking about."

message 24: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam looked around for something thick. "Do you think someone could run into that without dying?" she asked, pointing to a newly built wall.

message 25: by Karina (new)

Karina She didn't wait for Carly to answer as she ran toward it, not even flinching as she passed into it and came out the other side, unharmed.

message 26: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam walked back to the other side and went to stand next to Jacob. "You have gifts too."

message 27: by Karina (new)

Karina "Unfortunatly my gift dosn't extend that far, but whatever it is, it's strong."

message 28: by Karina (new)

Karina "Didn't I just tell you you did?" Cam asked her.

message 29: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam sighed. "Yes. You do. I don't know what is though."

message 30: by Karina (new)

Karina "Sometimes it'll just come to you by accident. Or sometimes they're triggered when your in danger." Cam said. "That's the only two reasons that I know of."

message 31: by Karina (new)

Karina "Not that I know of..."Cam said.

message 32: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam looked around. "What's wrong?" she asked.

message 33: by Karina (new)

Karina " someone do something then." Cam said totally confused. "Oh there should be a fire exstingusher around. I'll be back." she said taking off running.

message 34: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam came back with the extingusher. "You just had to do that? Couldn't you have suggested that earlier?" she asked him.

message 35: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam sprayed the extingusher, making it die down while hitting Jacob in the process. "Sorry." she said smiling.

message 36: by Karina (new)

Karina ((bye.)

"That's alright. Spraying you with the extingusher made it all better." She told him, laughing.

message 37: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam shrugged. "I don't know. It's just one of those awsome stress relivers." she said spraying him again. "See? You should try it sometime."

message 38: by Karina (new)

Karina Cam got hit with the stuff and started to laugh. "See? Wasn't that fun?" she asked him, looking at him as he too was covered in white foam.

message 39: by Karina (new)

Karina "Okay lets not get over excited here." Cam said. She turned to look at the fire. She walked over it, and touched it. "She iced it." she said. "Guess we know her power."

message 40: by Karina (new)

Karina "So mr. strong guy what do we do now?" she asked. "Besides get cleaned up that is."

message 41: by Karina (new)

Karina "What were you doing here anyway?"

message 42: by Karina (new)

Karina "Oh. Well I can't really go about passing through walls anywhere so I try to find isolated places to walk through and I think your abilites attraceted me."

message 43: by Karina (new)

Karina "Can I walk through the walls and machinary as long as I don't get in your way?" she asked. "We can go get something to eat later or something, I haven't meet another special person in a long time."

*CrAzY-PeRFeCtNeSs!!!! ((hey yall can i rp))

message 45: by Karina (new)

Karina ((sure!))

message 46: by Karina (new)

Karina ((hi. lol Maximum Ride right?))

message 47: by Karina (new)

Karina ((yep. how could you not!))

message 48: by Karina (new)

Karina ((lol. so the Flock is here?))

message 49: by Karina (new)

Karina ((darn. lol. that's alright.))

message 50: by Karina (new)

Karina ((no one. its complicated.))

Cam looked around and found Chloe. "You don't say much." she told her.

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