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Demi sat in her desk the end of the day was coming and she couldnt wait for it to arrive, she was job free for the whole weekend and was going to talk to her parents the first time in months

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The second hand seemed to tick as slowly as ever and Demi grew impatient. Her foot tapped quickly and she was ignoring all going on around her, mostly everyone was talking since it was the last day, but others sat like her watching the clock. She could not wait to get away from all the garbage that had taken place this year.

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MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Meagan walked in the classroom and sat next to Cassie "What`ch drawing?"

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Meagan nodded and pulled put her binder and opened up to a clear page and started to draw.

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER ((gtg sry bye))

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jason walked around the mens department, helping men find their sizes. (he works at Macy's). Finally work was over and he could go home

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jason walked out to his car and went to the coffe place

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he walked in and stood next to her

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when he got his coffe he saw the girl sitting by herself. jason walked over to her "hey." he said "do you like sitting all alone?"

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"Can i sit with you?" he asked

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he smiled and took a seat "I'm Jason"

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he smiled and took a seat "I'm Jason"

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he took a sip of coffe "you to"

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"which school do you go to"? he asked

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"Oh yeah thats where i go" he said

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((sorry it took so long for me to reply))

"Yeah that'd be cool" he said

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he smiled back and took a sip

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when he was done he threw his cup away

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((idk what to do? lol))

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"yeah maybe at lunch" he agreed

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"me to" jason smiled back

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"yeah" he said

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"see ya" he went to his car and drove home

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Demi drove home and unlocked the door running inside. No new messages. Grabbing the phone Demi went down stair to tiddy up, her sisters wedding was coming and the down stairs was a mess with large wedding magazines. Sighing Demi piled the books up and brought out her year book, up dating her contacts list.

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The sun shown brightl outside, tired of being indoors Demi took the phone sitting on her lap and too her Ipod from her purse and went and sat out in her front yard letting the sun shine down on her.

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Glancing across the street Demi was surprised to see that there were new people moving into the neighbor hood.

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((Can I be a new person moving in to the neighborhood))

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Jessica diddn't want to move she loved her old neighborhood. She looked at her house and though it was better than her old one she still hated it. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw some people her age and walked over to them.

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((Yeah Christina your carrie can be the new person moving in.))

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jasonw was at work waiting for his shift to end. when it did he went back to the coffe shop

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he ordered his regular mocha latte and chocolate chip cookie. then he took a seat to eat

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jason turned around "oh hi!" he smiled

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"no go ahead" he took a sip and bite of his meal

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"great. and you?" he replied

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"thats nice. i haven't seen you in a while" he said

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" how's work?" he asked

((lol idk what to say))

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"yeah, pretty good. pretty boring though." he sgrugegd "hey would you like to see a movie sometime?"

((i gtg bye!))

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Jessica moved in too her house moping.

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Meagan walked to her bus stop and wait she took out her phone and looked at her texts


MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Meagan got on the bus and sat in the back

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Jessica realized she was going to miss the bus she got her backpack and rushed too the bus stop and rushed on the bus. The only seat left was next to a girl named Nikki so she sat down.

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Demi sat in her car at the school earlier then normal, she had to get out of the house, her sister had come back from the spa and was full fledged on getting the plans uderway. Demi shuddered not wanting to think of what her sister had planned.

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((Sure my girls already at school though, she drove,))

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When the buses started to arive Demi hopped down from her truck and went to English, it was her favortite class so she moved quickly weaving through the students.

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Demi took her seat she noticed she was sitting next to the new girl, "Hi, I m Demi."

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"Oh, thats cool, you'll love it here! Its a good school and the teachers are awesome!" Demi smiled, but then the teacher came inslamming the door, "Or at least some of the teachers are awesome."

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•Grayce• wrote: "((Me 2!!! LOL!))

"Sure I'd like that." Cassie said smiling."

"great!" jason smiled "maybe we could go saturday"

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he smiled great "I'll pick you up at 1?"

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