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Bryla walked through the crowded village quickly, running the errands she was assigned.

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Kataury Darem sighed in boredom as he waited for night time to approach, it would be only a few more hours until he had to kill the princess.

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Kataury ((In a tavern.))

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♥Jenny♥ ((mind if I jump in?))

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♥Jenny♥ Katie looked around of Rhea as she finally finished her chores. "Rhea" Kaite called trying to find out where her best friend was.

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♥Jenny♥ ((sure, but I am kinda waiting for Book Lover (Rhea) to reply.))

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♥Jenny♥ ((I'm not really sure))

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♥Jenny♥ (( I'm sorry but I gtg and get some sleep, c ya soon byes!!))

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♥Jenny♥ ((lol, yea I am really tired maybe we could rp some other time sorry byes!!))

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Harmony(Harry)was getting ready to go to become a knight.

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"Jessica, you can't hide here. They know were friends."

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"I don't know you should go disgused to another land and when the coast is clear I'll come and get you"

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Kataury Darem glanced out a window to see them lighting the lamps. "Time to get to work." He decided, standing from his table and slipping out into the dark night.

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Kataury He took a deep breath. First one to go would be the princess Jessica. cracking his knuckles he walked through the crowds unnoticed towards the castle.

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Kataury ((probably not, since she's your character he can attempt to and someone saves her or something.))
He walk past the guards in front of the main gate without any challenge. Main top of the keep, higher chambers. Darem reminded himself as he slipped into the castle gardens.

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Kataury ((my characters are always guys. It's a curse, every rp I'm in my characters a guy. No girls.))
Glancing up at the neatly made brick wall he pulled out his grapple and started to twirl it. When he thought he had the right amount of momentum he threw it up where it caught itself between the opening of a balcony's railing.

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Kataury Darem heard the princess' cry for distress. Was someone in the room with her? He wondered, shaking his head and silently continuing his climb.

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♥Jenny♥ "Ahhh" Do you have to do that?" Katie asked Rhea while they both smiled.

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♥Jenny♥ "Did you just hear the princess scream??" Katie asked alittle bit scared.

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♥Jenny♥ ((hey, hope u don't mind if Katie and Rhea are like best friends))

"I'm fine, well I am not pretty sure of that, but what I'm sure of, is she did scream" Katie told Rhea "Come we should go and see whats wrong"

"I know what your going to say Rhea but no matter how badly she treats us, she is still human right and she is till our princess"

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♥Jenny♥ "I'm really sure so lets go" Katie told her once again, Katie had a feeling that there was something wrong with Rhea today as she asked "Is there something ur not telling me?" Katie asked as the two girls ran up the stairs.

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♥Jenny♥ ((byes))
"And what would that be??" Katie asked

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♥Jenny♥ "Who cares, just tell me, Your BEST FIREND" Katie Exclaimed. "Please tell me it Doesn'thave anything to do with the princess??" Katie Pleaded

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♥Jenny♥ "Rhea what have you done,Haven't we been through this before?" Katie asked "if anyone finds out, They'll surely will hang us by the neck!!" Katie Added

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♥Jenny♥ ((how?? Katie is with Rhea, I'll try making another charrie if u want))

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Kataury Darem finally pulled himself up and glanced inside, guards. He cursed under his breath, he had hoped to do this quietly. Didn't matter, she'd be dead soon. The assassin opened the door and closed it in one quick motion, melting into the shadows with ease before anyone saw.

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Harry (Harmony) saw Darem and went after him being as quiet as a mouse she knew what this person wanted to do.

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♥Jenny♥ "WHAT?!?!? ?!!" Katie Snapped and then lowered her voice "...kill her?"

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Kataury Darem examined the room. Two guards stood ready for whoever entered the doorway. Idiots. He rolled his eyes and searched the rooms more thoroughly. There! Another doorway stood where he was. This probably isn't oiled...

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♥Jenny♥ "But y?" Katie whispered in disbelief.

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♥Jenny♥ ((nope,I'm trying to put some sence into my best friend lol, we'll see how the story will go!))

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Harry(Harmony) walked in and saved Jessica

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER Cassie walked around the halls of the palace

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Kataury ((Wait what? Phone? This is the medieval rp. Ther aren't any phones.))

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♥Jenny♥ ((lol, thats what I was thinking))


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♥Jenny♥ ((hello))




MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER ((who`s Alex?))

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh))

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Kataury ((...what?))


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Kataury ((Waiting for you i think.))

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Kataury Darem dived at her, almost making it before he felt something grab his arm. Pulled back by a pair of guards. Great, waited too long.

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Harmony (Harry) heard Ashley calling for Help and came in and pulled Darem away.

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"Aw don't sweat it."

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Kataury Darem glared at Ashley. "Spoiled princess, no wonder they hired me to kill you." He spat as he was dragged away by the guards.

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Kataury The guards reluctantly released him and Darem sighed. "Yes?"

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