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Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
If I had a flying pig, I would keep it a secret. The reason I would keep it a secret is because I don't want people to look at it everyday and observe it. I would want a sense of privacy. I would see what it could do. A flying pig could fly, but I would also like to see what else it could do. I would also research how it turned into a flying pig. I would then test the flying pig out. I would try to see how well it can fly, how long, and how fast it could fly. I would try out all different kinds of tricks. I would also treat the pig as it was an old friend of mine. I would not treat the pig malevolenty because pigs also have a life. The pig and I would live a happy life and I would make sure that nothing bad happens to the pig.

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Bartholemew let out a snort, the motion seeming to retaliate through his slender, pale body. His ears went on end as he begged me for a snack.
"All right, Tholly. But just one." He quickly scarfed down the morsel and stomped on the ground.
"I know it's your birthday, Tholly. But naptime first." Bartholemew sagged and trotted to the fence and leaped onto it, where he could get better lift. With that, he opened his white wings, soft as angels' down, and glided to the top of the barn, where he settled in the loft.
"'Night, Tholly."

message 3: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Ding dong! I tossed my magazine onto the couch and got up. When I opened the door, there were several neighborhood kids standing there. "Hey, Margaret, we were wondering if, uh--"

"If you can see my pig?" I asked.

They all nodded. "Plleease? We promise not to grab it or anything, we just wanna see it."

I sighed. "Okay, just for a minute."

The smiles on their little faces were adorable as I led them out to the barn.

"We have to be careful when I open the door, because--"

((Well, okay, times up!))

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Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
Wonder who is going to win. All these excerpts are good.

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Aneesha (saianeesha) | 24 comments these are all good, hard desicion

message 6: by Jin (new)

Jin | 229 comments Mod
I know...It's hard to decide

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Aneesha (saianeesha) | 24 comments ya

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

let's have a poll

message 9: by Jin (new)

Jin | 229 comments Mod
Yeah Sarah! That's what you get for not cheking for long time.....jk....haha
they are all so good...

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

w/e jin XP

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