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The Humbling

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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Just finished The Humbling. Think it was 139 pages. Best read in a single sitting. I enjoyed the book.

message 2: by Pedro Víctor (new)

Pedro Víctor (pvsantos) | 3 comments for me, the humbling is a weak roth novella, though, it's better than most novels these days.

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard | 4 comments I thought 'The Humbling' was the weakest of Roth's recent efforts. Of course, he then came back with 'Nemesis' which is superb (IMO).

message 4: by Don (new)

Don I couldn't agree more, Richard. The Humbling is weak -- kind of great in a way but also weak; I almost get the feeling that Roth got bored halfway through the book. It's relatively weak, I should say. Weak for Roth. And Nemesis is superb. Very "un-Rothian" -- an answer to those critics who say that he always writes the same autobiographical characters. My favorite Roth book since American Pastoral. (No doubt, few share this sentiment.)

message 5: by SivanNava (new)

SivanNava | 1 comments I dont think it is fair to compare this book to books Roth has written in the past. The Humbling is very different in nature to his 'classics' and I felt that the book achieved a particular feeling that his past books could not necessarily achieve by using a different style and form. A book that uses shorter sentences, less dashes and commas, etc., and presents less complex a plot doesn't make a book 'lazy.'
I was excited to see another side to Roth and it was kind of fun to see a reflection of his age in his writing- it almost felt like sitting with a guy who has lived through it all and is quite tired and wants to tell a story and just be done with it. No frills. Here's your story, live with it. The End.

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