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Karol Hi, Rita. Thanks - and welcome to the group!

message 2: by Rita (new)

Rita Stay the Night Finished #2 last week. This is installment number seven in the Darkyn series. I enjoyed it - this book covers Robin of Locksley's (aka Robin Hood)story. It appears that this series may be close to an end as the Kyndred get introduced. Mores paranormal books to look forward to.

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Rita By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept Book #3 - done. Simply a great read. This book found me and I'm so glad that it did. Written in Coelho's typical fable fashion. The lessons learned are always in hindsight. Heart breaking and cleansing.

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Rita Murder Game I deleted the original post by accident for book #1 of this year.

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Rita A Rather Lovely Inheritance Book #4 is read. I liked the character Penny Nichols and love that she gets a windfall and falls in love! I'm reading the sequel A Curious Engagement next.

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Rita Snow Flower and the Secret Fan A Novel #5 This is such a great inside look into the Chinese culture - especially that of the kinship between "old sames" and foot binding... such an emotional journey.

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Rita Hunted #6 My sisters got me started on these books. Loved it.

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Rita Chosen #8 Keeps getting better.

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Rita Untamed #9

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Rita Hunted #10

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Rita Bitten #11 Otherwold Book #1 Very good read, a bit detailed to begin with but worth the effort.

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Rita Pleasure Unbound #12 Hello steamy...wow. Love Eidolon!

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Rita Desire Unchained #13 Ok, maybe I love Shade more. hmmm

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Rita Passion Unleashed #14 Oh, I can't stand it... Wraith wins!

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Rita Shifter #15 I love all these Atlantean warriors.

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Rita Atlantis Unmasked #16 Alexios and Grace's story.

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Rita Hidden Currents #17 Elle and Jackson's story.

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Rita Outlander #18

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