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Introduce your self. Whats ur fave genre to write?

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Natalies the name, song writings my game.
I also like singing, acting, playing guitar and writing songs. Hope you enjoy writing songs as much as you enjoyed reading this! Holla!
I also hate clowns. and i love candy cane icecream.

Oh yeah.
You can call me biscut, and My fave genre is love songs!!

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And i love hats and shoes.
My fave meal is fujisai Sushi, flaming hot cheetos, and diet coke (never pepsi!) (PEPSI SUX)

message 3: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliap) | 3 comments Hey everyone I'm Julia and I love song writing and i play select soccer! Some people call me Jo for short! I love listening to music and I love taylor swift's lyrics that she writes. She is very inspiring-lol. My favorite genre is love songs as the same as lots of other people but yeea....and i happen to think that pepsi is O.K. but i dont really have a fave food. But i do love chocolate ice cream :) and i also love salad. And yes, clowns ARE SCARY!!!!

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Clara | 1 comments Hi natalie! It's clare....hi to everyone else too!I love songwriting and singing, playing piano, acting dancing, and music in general! My favorite artist is Taylor Swift...I agree she is inspiring, Julia! I totally hate clowns as well...and I don't have a fave genre!

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Thank yoU!!
clowns arwe scarry!!!
any ways
welcome ppls!!

~Natalie aka Biscut

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Julia (juliap) | 3 comments Ya!!! Clowns freak me out! Btw I love peanut butter chocolate ice cream! And my fave genre is love songs but I write all kinds of songs!

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Whats up?
Thanks for joining the club!!
If you like writing songs so much, join in the song writing contest!

~natalie aka Biscut

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