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Who do you think will become or stay couples in the Mark of Athena and other books

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SarahO I think it will stay Jason and Piper even with Reyna in the mix, although there will probably be a lot of angst. Reyna just seems to be a partner while Jason and Piper seem more like a couple.
My question is what will happen with Hazel, Hank and Leo/Sammy. I don't think Leo is Sammy but it's going to be weird.

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Juliet I think Jason and Piper will stay a couple, but I haven't read the books in a while and I can't remember the other characters. I wasn't that much of a fan of The Son of Neptune, even though I love Percy so much more than Jason. Which reminds me, this may be obvious, but Annabeth and Percy will also stay together(if they don't I will kick and cry and scream and throw the book out the window).

Sophia I think the couples will be...
1. DEFINITELY (or i will pay rick a visit to his house that people will remember forever) Annabeth and percy are gonnna stay together
2. Frank and hazel, no matter what anybody else thinks, cuz theyve just known each other wayy too long and got close in SoN
3. Im thinking Leo and Reyna cuz he always goes for girls out f his league and opposites attract
4. I reeeaaally dont like Jason, but hes gonna stickwith Pipes

and i think thats all

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