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Who Thinks the movie is absolute Crap as compared to the book
Tania Tania Jul 09, 2012 09:08PM
Personally yes the movie is an utter disappointment as compared to the book ..i mean which grown man sticks his nails in a tree with a grown woman on his back pretending to climb it ... i mean really?

i watched the first two movies but i could torture myself anymore into watching Breaking down though i did catch a glimpse of it and it was utter crap
sometimes i wish authors would live books as books not turn them into movies
i dont mind the characters picked for the roles just the way some scenes were potrayed .

deleted member Jul 09, 2012 09:09PM   1 vote
My opinion is:

The movie suits the book because the book is crap!

i think from 1 to 4 book, has just a bit more then its the movie, and in the book get more into details then in the movie.

Didn't like the book, only watched the movie because my husband was curious about the hoopla. The movie left out big chunks of the book but its primary problem was that it was based on the book at all.

As for those who get stuck on caps lock and declare we should only say happy nice things about books because other's might like them, bah humbug. Those who like the book don't need my or anyone else's approval and should be grown up enough to know, no matter what they choose to like in life, there will always be those that do not.

The book was not that great...but I think that alot of people judge the book based on the movie (which was total crap). The book was not great, but it was not horrible either. I think that Twilight would have a much better reputation if the movie never existed.

I watched the movie first and then read the book. So the movie didn't bother me, but the book wasn't as satisfying. But I read the other books before the movies and think I like them better.

Books is absolutely better

I actually quite liked the first movie. I think Catherine Hardwicke acheived just the right atmosphere between the way it was shot and the soundtrack she chose. There were a few things I would criticise but overall I think she did a pretty good job.

However the following films have been pretty awful so far. None of the dark & mysterious atmosphere that Catherine acheived, and the direction of the actors has been truly terrible. Most of the cast have turned out good performances in other movies but these films have succeeded in making it appear that they can't act - and in a series that is so profilic that it's the thing they will be remembered for. Such a shame.

The movie can never, I repeat, NEVER be as amazing as the book, because that is impossible. Why? Because when we read we create our own pictures, what we want to be beautiful and exciting and how handsome and beuatiful Edward is and so on....those pictures are inside our head, and the cast simply can't manage to make all this so that it look exactly the same as we imagine it when we read. See? I am so tired of everyone complaining about the movies, YES, Stephenie Meyer wrote some amazing books and the movies are somehow different and not so "deep" (if I could say so?) but I think they are epic and amazing in their own way. And please STOP shouting that Kristen Stewart isn't good enough for Bella? Could you have done it better yourself, then??... (I'm not talking to anyone in particular, just...people)

Okay...that's what I've got to say.

The movie is usually never as good as the book. The Hunger Games did a fabulous job, and Deathly Hallows Part One was also excellent. I actually don't mind the movie, but some parts are stupid (just laying in the meadow staring at each other) and easy to make fun of (again, the meadow), but other than that it wasn't too horrible.

I actually liked the movies. Twilight was my favorite. I think they did a good job of capturing the mystique Edward had when I was reading the book.

i feel the movies started out poorly...but are getting a little better and sticking closer to the books i enjoyed. i think the books are always better than the movie...except maybe for "how to train your dragon". the movie was different, but an good movie.

I liked the books way better than the films, in the books Edward is quite funny, cheeky even. But in the films they made him serious and pretty annoying. The same with Bella, in the books she is feisty, she answers back but in the films she comes off as a wimp.
They missed alot of the bits that made me giggle, like for example Bella fainting because she hates the smell of blood. The only one that I remeber from both the film and the book was in eclipse, when they were all in the tent.

Deondra (last edited Jul 21, 2012 06:25PM ) Jul 21, 2012 06:18PM   0 votes
I think the movies are all so bad compared to the books. Still can't get over how corney & immature they made them, it was almost embarrassing, to watch. Plus I didnt think really any of the actors fit the parts well, except maybe Emmett, and Esme. Everyone else annoyed me, and they left out or changed so many things it was almost nothing like the books.

Swathika (last edited Jul 21, 2012 10:08PM ) Jul 21, 2012 10:05PM   0 votes
I loved the books. They did skip off a lot of things in the movie, such as Alice's life, the meadow scene(the confession part was my faviroute in the book but it totally reeked in the movie.)

I liked the movie that's why I read the books.

I could not even make it through the movie, I got to the scene where Bella is getting her butt kicked by the vampires and I had to turn it off it was such crap. Admittedly, in my mind I thought the chick they cast for Bella would do great (I saw her in speak and she did a great job in that) But I didn't like their casting aside from Carlisle and Bella didn't do so great. I've seen parts of the other movies and they all seem a great improvement from the first which wasn't even close to the book.

Movie was dead horrible. HORRIBLE. I watched it and thought, who would like any of these characters (except Charlie he was the only person in the books and movies that was funny). No one smiled, they never joked around or had fun it was always them staring at eachother blah blh. I though it was definitely horrible adaptation to the book. SO then I reread the book and saw that everything I had disliked in the movie was IN the book! The lifeless characters; controlling, weak, superficial. All of it was there. It was then that I realized that I hated both book series and movie series.

I didn't like Kristin Stewart as Bella. She messed up the movies in my opinion. Breaking Dawn was crap.
The only good bit about it was the wolves, they were awesome. the rest was boring.

seriously,the book was way better than the movie

i agree that the movie is absolute Crap as compared to the book

I'm still unhappy how they did the movie. This is my favorite in the series (somewhat tied with Midnight Sun) and I cannot get over how badly they adapted it. Why add random things? Why change beautiful scenes? I blame catherine and melissa for turning it into an huge joke. =/

I loved the books, but the actors in the movies are just..pitiful (except Taylor Lautner).

Actually, I think the BOOK is absolute crap compared to the book! : )

I had no interest in watching the twilight films but when I saw them I got interested and the saw the rest of the series. Now waiting for BD2. But then I got the books and I have to admit I'm kinda upset that I read them so fast. They were FAR better than the movie. Only during certain parts of the fillms was I convinced. I would read the books and then see the films and now it's like the relation between them has shrunk even though they're exactly the same?????

i love the twilight books, i stumbled across them by accident a few years ago, i actually read the second one 1st not knowing what they were i just liked the cover lol, so i went back and read them from the beginning and i was hooked, when i watched the film the dissapointment was palpable. They left out so much of the book that was important completely screwed up the what they did put in and i feel the casting was so far off. The only reason every one loves robert thingymibob is because he was cast as edward. They took the books and repeatedly raped them over and over. Thats my opionion any way.

Sara (last edited Aug 29, 2012 08:24AM ) Aug 29, 2012 08:21AM   0 votes
In it's own way, the book only worked for me because it was a book The images you create are your own, and you can make the scenes and people look a lot less stupid and a lot more personal. The book was never making it onto my top shelves, but it wasn't a complete waste of time. The movie on the other hand, for me, was horrible, mainly because it wasn't from my imagination. Everything was shown to me as, this is how it looks not here's the details you decide on anything else. Add that up with the parts they changed, and the moments that were supposed to be serious, but in the movie looked hilarious and you get one hell of a sh**y movie. It's a hell of a lot more funny, when you're actually watching a guy tell a girl
I shouldn't be your friend,
you're my personal brand of heroin
Really I hated that movie so much, I didn't pay it much attention, so I don't actually know if those lines were said...but you get the picture. :)

The books have their faults but they did create a lot of new readers. There is no reason to be snobby about those books because they made their publishers enough money to stay in business for decades. In this economy, publishers still making books is a good thing.....

When they went to the recycling center I just about puked though. There is creative freedom when you make a movie out of a book but that was just stupid.

Kirby recycling center? I'm confused...
Sep 22, 2012 05:59PM

best movie was new moon bc even though i like the vamps btr they portrayed the wolves better in the movie

I just think it's funny that so many people liked the books, then once the movies started coming out and completely ruining the books people started swearing they never liked them and had only read them for the hype or whatever. You liked it. Admit it. Everyone did. Peer pressure is still alive and swinging even in adulthood. It's kinda embarrassing, more so than admitting that you had once liked these books. I knew a hundred people who read them, that at the time loved and gushed over them with everyone else. How else did she sell so many. People need to grow up. It’s 2012, you can have your own opinion and be ok with it even if others aren’t. Yes the movies ruined the book for many, but I think the peer pressure did a better job of it.

I think the books were more detailed than movies, much more. But then again i have never been a big fan of books being made into movies, simply because sometimes the actors who play your favourite characters could be someone you truly despise. That ruins it for you. Also, the movies are a lot different to the mental image i had when reading the books. Ahahaha :)

Well, I have to confess, I'm not a huge Twilight Saga fan. There are huge plot holes, limited story arcs, and one-dimensional characters with no real motivation to love one another besides looks and scent.

Having said that, I just re-watched the entire movie series in preparation for seeing BD2 with my daughter. I think, for what the stories are, the movies were way better than the books.

I was especially impressed with Breaking Dawn pt.1. Now, the story line is boring...yes she finally gets her man, he gets his wife, she gets pregnant, he retreats into self-loathing and regret--blahblahsameoldsameold. But the visuals were really great. I thought her emaciation was stunning from a special effects standpoint. And we got some great vampire/wolves fights. I just liked it.

So, while it's never going to be on my favorites shelf and the movies will never be on my movie rack at home, all in all, for what they are, I thought the movies really were much better than the books.

I liked the movie, though the actors are kind of stuttery and gaspy if you know hat I mean. They definitely needed to practice more


while i'm not an over the top fan of twilight, i do think the movie was crap compared to the book, as they missed important things and did certain scenes wrong like at the end where bella is facing off against james. the book has several merits and i don't look to closley at what is possible and what is not because that is not what is important. what's important is the fact that it is a fantasy story meant for the amusement of an audience and that is what the book has done and what the movie has failed to replicate!!

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