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Ruby  (theruby) Teachers
Grade they Teach:
Subject they Teach:
Teaching methods:
Certification(college degree(s)):

Other faculty
Job:(at least three sentences)

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Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
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Name: Bryan Tucker
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Grade they Teach: 10th
Subject they Teach: Literature
Appearance: Bryan Tucker is tall, dark, and handsome. He has evenly tanned skin with golden brown hair. His eyes are a dark hazel, flecked with brown, gold, and green.
Personality: Mr. Tucker is passionate about what he teaches. He personally loves poems by Robert Frost and work by Shakespeare. He always puts a lot of heart into what he teaches, but is also lenient with the kids and interacts with them as if they would each other. Most kids think he's pretty cool, since he can always relate to them, even if he is thirty. He is kind and knowledgeable in school, but outside of school, he's a completely different person. He can be reserved and cold, although if he runs into one of his students, he will treat them like they were one of his closest friends. He's a complicated guy, and is hard to figure out.
History: Thinking...
Teaching methods: He often assigns group work and when teaching about works from the old days, he will retell everything in modern-day terms. His most effective method is relating to the kids and talking as if he was a teenager himself, making everyone more attentive and into the lesson.
Certification: Bachelor's Degree from UGA
Other: It's rare for him to get on a student's bad side. But I guess it happens, even to the best of teachers.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments Name: Marie-Fleur Tessier

Age: If anyone asks... it's twenty one.

Gender: Feminine, donc elle est une femme, ce n'est pas le sexe d'un verset de poésie.

Grade they Teach: Eleventh [onzième]

Subject they Teach: I hope it's French!

Appearance: Madame Tessier speaks with a thick French Canadian accent despite knowing how to sound American (in case you've never heard the accent, this is basically it: Le link). Madame Tessier is a short dark haired woman with spiky black hair in a pixy cut. Her appearance makes her look like she's trying too hard to be young but in reality, with the amount of skipping she does around the school it's pretty self explanatory.
Normally she wears flashy, knit things like black dresses with all-shades-of-violet nylons and bad turtle necks. Her eyes are grey blue and outlined with what seems like a sea of black eyeliner. It sounds funny but trust us when we say it's not. When she stares at you with that eye, that evil eye you see your life pass before you.

Personality: Ah, now for the more technical stuff. In spite of looking eccentric, Madame Tessier isn't at all on the grounds of letting you give a test late or making a minor spelling mistake. She lives by the book (the bescherelle, a shamanistic world kept within 262 pages of pure grammar horror). It is whispered that she sleeps with it under her pillow every night. Like any French teacher who grew up with the language Madame Tessier winces at badly pronounced masculine and feminine.
Tessier is constantly trying to one-up Mr Tucker with literature and poetry but it's very hard to when you constantly have to put your most beautiful works through the translation site. Instead she tries to explain them with the most expression possible so he can at least get a sense of how amazing it is in French. XD

History: Your average French-Canadian from a small catholic town not too-north to consider themselves Eskimo. She moved to the US for teaching and teaching alone.

Teaching methods: If you hate the language you might as well just skip every class. She's tough but fair and only wants what she tells you to do, no more, no less. She believes in structure which is where she becomes more like a math teacher then a English one. She also teaches with dictation and fill in the blank for songs. Her voice is high and ready if she sings with it.

Certification(college degree(s): Elle a gradué de L'Université du Québec et a reçus plusieurs diplômes.

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Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) Teachers
Name: Mr. Cesar
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Grade they Teach: All grades
Subject they Teach: Latin I-VI
Appearance: He is an average height man with fairly long black hair that reaches out in all directions as if he never combed it. He has a beard that, no matter how often he shaves it, always grows back, and he has dark brown eyes. His isn't overly muscular but not fat at all.
Personality: He is typically a happy guy and always tries to make everyone else happy. He is fairly curious and he tries to help any students whenever he can. Rarely is he ever tired or sleepy.
History: He's taught for the last four years and graduated college almost impossibly early, having gone into it when he was just a sophomore, and he may have been a fairly good athlete had he not been so smart.
Teaching methods: Happy and curious about everything, his classes often get off subject and talk about things that are only vaguely related to class and still manages to convey the lessons by teaching them in a simple and easy way to understand.
Certification(college degree(s)): PHD at KSU for Roman and Greek History.
Other: He loves playing sports.

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Kali  Therien (skylermightmedrocks) | 2 comments Name: Avalon "Ava" Revees
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Grade they Teach: Ninth
Subject they Teach: Algebra 1
Personality: Ava is very kind, but when it comes to mistakes she gets mad easily. She loves making friends and it is easy for her to teach. She loves math and teaching math.
History: Ava Reeves was the first born in her family. Ava was only young when her brother was born. She got along well with him all through Elementary School, but during middle school they fought a lot. When Ava began High School, Alexander fought with his then best friend, Andy Larks. By the time Alexander reached High School, Ava had already graduated College. He forgave his sister and she started teaching at UEH.
Teaching methods: She mainly teaches math through games and makes the class fun. She does give homework, but only rarely. She will grade but only on the effort the student has put into the work.
Certification(college degree(s)): PHD at KSU for Mathematics and Liturature
Other: Older sister of Alexander, but he goes to the neighboring High School. Plays Sports. Ava rarely gets on a student's bad side, but if she does it is not pretty. Only called Ava by the other teachers that she knows well. By students she is called Ms. A or Ms. Revees.

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Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) I think you might be a little late...

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