Slaughterhouse Five Reading Group discussion

Kiurk Vonnegut

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message 1: by Logan (new)

Logan | 5 comments Kirk Vonnegut has a very unique style of writing and also has very different ideas on what he wants to write such as writing sci fi books. What do you think of him?

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris | 5 comments I really enjoy his writing style and unique outlooks on life. His books are funny in a sad way, and illustrate perfectly his existentialist view on life.

message 3: by Mrs. Bailey (new)

Mrs. Bailey | 2 comments Mod
His name is KURT - not kirk... Just an FYI

message 4: by Max (new)

Max | 5 comments I like how he can have a book about war and destruction, while making you laugh and have an enjoyable time reading it and which the angles he finds for his book.

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