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Cheryl's Craig Ferguson Campaign (Help Cheryl get on The Late Late Show)

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Cheryl | 10 comments Mod
I want to be a guest on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Can you blame me? The guy is nearly as funny as I am! I know!

Okay, he's actually funnier. (But don't let that go to your head, Craig Ferguson!)

My motto for years has been "Dare to Dream...and Dream BIG!"

One of my dreams is to be a guest on Craig Ferguson's show. Maybe I should let him know this.

I love Craig. Ok, not the romantic kind of love, but more the 'I love his wacky sense of humor and he never fails to entertain me' kind of love. I watch his show almost every night. I've even sent in emails. And when I went to Las Vegas 2 months ago, I was stunned to find out he was performing live, so of course I had to get tickets. I've written about that. That was the time I was mistaken for a "movie star". God Bless that lovely young woman for making that mistake!

So's the plan. You see, I've got it all figured out. You have had authors on your show before. And I know you often have people who are "on their way up" the success ladder. So, here I am a few rungs up and I could use a boost. Plus I like to talk. And I love meeting new people.

Craig, these are the TOP 10 REASONS why I'd be the perfect guest for you...

10. I am Scottish too. Ok, well my grandfather was Scottish. I never met him though; he died when my Mom was a child. I still have distant family in Scotland--in Glasgow--but I forget their names. Last name: McLellan. Do you know them? Are we related somehow?

9. I am apparently part Welsh, British and German too. Veener Schnitzel! I have no idea how this relates to you.

8. I am Canadian! You've said you like Canada and Canadians, so you should like me. In fact, I believe you said you came to Edmonton recently (how the heck did I miss you?) and enjoyed it. Call me next time you're in town and I'll personally escort you around West Edmonton Mall--as long as you don't mind getting lost.

7. I would bring your audience free books. Preferably copies of my bestselling suspense novels set in various Canadian locations. I can tell you and your guests about the mysterious Nahanni River--"the Bermuda Triangle of Canada"--which is the main setting in my thriller The River (close to your own book title--see how much we have in common?)

6. I seem to have no problems chatting about just about anything. You name the topic; I'll wing it. Antidisestablishmentarianism, you say? Sure thing. Of course, we can definitely talk about my favorite topic--killing people off. I do that regularly in my line of work. Uh, I write suspense fiction, in case you've forgotten already. You can even do your Angela Lansbury impression: "Has there been a murder?" To which I'll answer, "I'm plotting one right now."

5. My good friend Alexia Melnychuk is a sensational singer-songwriter. I'll bring her with me for one of your entertainment segments. You'll like her music. She'll give you a free CD that'll get you singing in your car or your chair. It could be an all-Canadian show. Except for you. And most of the audience. And the camera men...

4. I'll even shred the notes they leave you myself and throw them on the floor. This would be a case of Divine Intervention. I'll even bring my paper shredder if you'd like. We can do it right. Don't forget to recycle.

3. And if you invite me to come down soon, I may be able to get you and your guests a copy of my critically acclaimed novel Whale Song, which I've just been told will be going out of print soon. Maybe a publisher will watch your show, see me on it, contact my New York agent (yes, I have one) and offer me a major 5-book deal, then sell a movie about a Canadian author who really hits it big after being a guest on the Craig Ferguson show.

2. I can also show you my iPhone and tell you about the novel I'm writing on it. Finding Bliss has attracted a lot of media attention and 2 companies are already vying to be the first to release it. When I'm done showing you the iPhone and how it works, you'll want one too. Maybe Apple will give you one after they sponsor me and my novel.

1. And the #1 reason why you should have me on as a guest is because I'll bring you chocolate. I'll bring Bliss chocolates! They inspired my iPhone novel Finding Bliss. No, it's not a story about killer chocolates; the main character's name is Bliss. And yeah, she'll eat a few chocloates in the story. Probably while she's watching Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show.

So Craig, Mr. Ferguson, Sir Ferguson...please have your people call my people ASAP.

Actually, please just email me. I don't really have "people" yet. Unless you count my husband. Or my daughter. Or my mother and father. Or my puppy. I'd be very happy to chat with Lisa Ammerman; she'd did a great job as your impromptu guest a few months back.

I will now wait with the phone in one hand and the other clicking the "receive/send email" button every 5 minutes--until I hear back from you...


Darn, no email from Craig Ferguson yet.

Calling all of my fans!!!

Please email Craig Ferguson and tell him you'd like to see me on his show. Maybe let him know why I'd make a good guest. :)

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Cheryl | 10 comments Mod
Update #1:

I am on a campaign to get on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (remember my previous post?) A good friend of mine suggested I ask my fans and author friends for help. So I am.

I've emailed Craig Ferguson via the show's website plus the email addy they give during the show. I'd like to be a guest and maybe arrange for free books for the audience. I recently blogged about this dream of mine and listed the Top 10 Reasons why he should invite me to be a guest. :)

This is my request from you all:
Please read my blog post and send Craig Ferguson an email suggesting he gets me on the show. Some of my author friends have already done this. (Thanks!!!)

I'll actually be in San Francisco in mid-Feb and if I needed to I could extend my trip and head out to LA. If you haven't seen The Late Late Show, I can tell you that Craig is a wacky Scot. So am I (partially). I also have a naughty sense of humor. That makes me the perfect guest. :)

Anyways, please email Craig, suggest they get me on, and I'll be a very happy author.

"Dare to Dream...and Dream BIG!" That's always been my motto.

Click on the post below to read why I should be a guest on The Late Late Show, then email Craig and tell him why you think I'd make a good guest. When in doubt, mention any of my top 10 reasons. :)

Cheryl Kaye Tardif

message 3: by Cheryl (last edited Jan 15, 2009 10:50PM) (new)

Cheryl | 10 comments Mod
Edit # 2:

My endeavor to be a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has attracted some attention. Emails are flooding into CBS (okay, I have no idea how many really) from my fellow author friends who have caught the craze.

I belong to a "Shameless" group on the thriller forum over at, a forum where authors from all over the world have united to help get the word out about each other's books, and now my friends there have pitched in to help me get Craig Ferguson's attention, so that I can see one of my dreams come true.

Here is one of the emails that has been sent so far:

Dear Mr. Ferguson,

Okay, I must apologize for the torrent of emails that you may be receiving this week from the regular and may I be so bold to say talented participants of Amazon's absolutely crazymadnuts discussion "Shameless Self Promotion by Author (2)"..... but our dear friend Cheryl is dying to be on your show. Well, not her dying personally, since it's her business to kill off other people through her books.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet - I'd watch if she were on! And it's all about the viewers, right? ;) Plus, Cheryl's a very determined woman. Her presence is everywhere she can get her hands on, on the internet and elsewhere - again.....more viewers for you! So it's a win-win situation for you, the network and for Cheryl. And Cheryl can finally knock this off her list of things to do in life before the big guy in the sky writes her off.

Seriously, she's a fantastic, talented and funny author, and she would be a great asset to your show.

My best to you and yours for a Happy New Year!
Jeannine R. Reardon, Esq.
a/k/a J.R. Reardon
author, "Confidential Communications"

Some of the other emails sent are just priceless and I will post them here later. :)

So what do I need from you??

Please email Craig Ferguson and tell him you'd like to see me on his show. Maybe let him know why you think I'd make a good guest. :)


message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl | 10 comments Mod
Update #3: Whale Song heads to CBS!

By now everyone who regularly reads my blog (all 5 of knows about my Craig Ferguson addiction--I, uh, mean campaign. If not, read this post first.

Letters have been pouring into CBS via email, from my friends, family and fans--all requesting that they have me on the show. The Shameless Author forum on Amazon that I belong to has been extremely enthusiastic about this. :)

The next logical step in my goal to become a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is to send him some bribes--I mean, gifts.

So I sent him a copy of The River, Divine Intervention and Whale Song. I sure hope he actually gets them. Even more, I hope he reads them. At least Whale Song.

Since Whale Song is going out of print any day now, it means that everyone who has it has a collector's copy.

So order Whale Song A Novel now while you still can.

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif

message 5: by Christina (new)

Christina Francine (christinafrancine) | 1 comments This is a great and crazy-wonderful idea that I think will work! I just sent my letter to Mr. Craig Fergusson asking him to have you on his show as a guest. You have my full support. I still think these books would make great movies, especially The River and Whale Song.

Christina Francine

Writer/Book Reviewer/Interviewer
Drollerie Press PR Coordinator

message 6: by Laurel-Rain (new)

Laurel-Rain | 2 comments Cheryl, this is the funniest thing I've ever read -- especially this early in the morning! -- and I'd certainly invite you as a guest (if I were Craig Ferguson). You should definitely even consider having your own talk show. That self-deprecatory humor is a real winner, I think!

message 7: by Karen (new)

Karen | 2 comments Hey Cheryl,

How about doing a short video plea and sending it to the show? I have some thoughts, email me if you're interested. I love Craig and would love to see you on the show.

Good luck!


message 8: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl | 10 comments Mod
Christina, thanks for your support! :) And for your email to Craig. And I agree--Whale Song and The River will make FABULOUS movies. Now just keep those thoughts going... ;-)

Laurel-rain, (love your name!), yes, I seem to be particularly funny to most people in the morning. When they finally wake up though it could be a different story. ;-)

Karen, yes...let's talk. I'd love to hear your ideas. I'll email you. After I do my video to Craig, I'll post it on my blog. Then I'll post the bloopers (which will be about 10 times longer.) Great idea!

Hugs to you all!


message 9: by Laurel-Rain (new)

Laurel-Rain | 2 comments Thanks, CHERYL...Yes, it took me awhile to come up with that name -- Laurel-Rain Snow -- a play on my actual name (Lorraine Frost).

But, there you go again, with that "self-deprecatory" thing! LOL. I am actually quite alert and sensitive to humor in the morning -- comes from waking up at 5:30 a.m. for more than thirty years to go to my social work job. And guess what...I STILL wake up early!

message 10: by Kelli (new)

Kelli (kelliwilkins) I love him too!! He's wacky and funny and heck, he's got that wonderful accent where half the time folks don't have a clue (that's cluu in Scot) as to what he's talking about.
AND (even better) he's had Dwight Yoakam on a few times (and I love him too). They even sang "Jingle Bells" on a Christmas show.
We should start a 'romance writers who love Craig" group - maybe that'll get his attention.

I can see it now:
"It's seems that there's a crazed group of romance writers on the internet who chat about how much they love me, my accent, and the show..."

too much! (I should be writing something, but this is much more fun!)
good night!

message 11: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl | 10 comments Mod
Hey Kelli, you can always join me in my campaign. We'll give him 2 writers for the price of one. Especially if he has Dwight on the same day. :-) Just for you.

I just love Craig's naughtiness...he always makes me laugh.

Since you enjoy romance and Scots, check out Lancelot's Lady, featuring Scottish lass Rhianna McLeod and the handsome yet reclusive Jonathan. Being stranded on a private island in the Bahamas just got a whole lot more exciting...and steamy.

You can read LL for free at

Please click on thumb and phone circles if you like it! :-)


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