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-This is the topic where you write your reviews! There are two formats under which you can write your reviews (see following post). You do not have to follow the format too strictly, but try to stay as close to the format as possible.

- Make sure you use the format that the author requested in his/her application!

- You must read the applicant's ENTIRE story!

- Your review must be THOROUGH! Don't rush. The point is to help the author of the story AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Your review should take up almost an entire post, if not more.

- Be constructive, but don't be unfair. Likewise, don't be too "nice". No story is perfect. There's always something that the writer can improve on, even if his/her story is very, very good.

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THE FORMATS (provided by Brent):

For Writing

Numerical Review Rubric


Plot: /50
[Why you graded them so:]

Description: /40
[Why you graded them so:]

Character Development: /40
[Why you graded them so:]

Twists & Effect: /40
[Why you graded them so:]

Dialogue & Emotion: /35
[Why you graded them so:]

Mechanics: /35
[Why you graded them so:]

Originality: /10
[Why you graded them so:]

Overall Score: /250

[Here, you will provide any notes on what they did well, and what they need to improve on.:]


Summary Review Guide

Introduction - tell them opinion of story - say what they did wrong, give examples, and how to fix it - tell what they did right, with examples - tell their strongest and weakest points, and advice on how to improve - closing sentence.

And please remember to put a space between paragraphs; a large block of text is not pleasant to look at.


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For Artwork and other media

There's not really a way you can judge art, but there are ways that you can help them such as by pointing out areas that don't look quite right, etc. However, if the artist wants to leave it that way, that's their interpretation.






What areas could use improvement (Lighting, shading, camera work, etc.)


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