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Twi? Or Harry?

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message 1: by Alisha (new)

Alisha (hweemee) Harry! He RULES… He changed history!

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie (the_vamptastic_mrs_kellan_lutz) | 6 comments HARRY! It was the first fictional thing I fell in love with!

message 3: by Alisha (new)

Alisha (hweemee) lol, i read twilight first, then harry potter,

message 4: by Katie (new)

Katie (the_vamptastic_mrs_kellan_lutz) | 6 comments I only read Twilight cause of the movie to surprise a friend who was begging me to read the books. Otherwise Harry Potter was the most amazing thing I read by choice. I agree he did change history

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 19, 2009 09:42AM) (new)

I can't decide. I read almost all of the Twilight books and love them but was a little disappointed in the movie, but I've never read any Harry Potter but I still have a great love for all the movies. It's equal, I could never possibly decide

message 6: by Alisha (new)

Alisha (hweemee) I remember I only read the first book of Harry and and I also read the whole series of Twilight. Already I didn't know who to decide. Now, I'm on the 5th book of the series. I definately love Harry more!

message 7: by Katie (new)

Katie (the_vamptastic_mrs_kellan_lutz) | 6 comments Yeah I think it depends on the order that you read the series.

message 8: by Alisha (new)

Alisha (hweemee) I don't know why, but I think Twilight's cheesy at times. I mean, Bella knew Edward for like, a week. And already she would die for him…

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