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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
Describe a scene from your book - use sensory details to do so.

Katy Pennington | 26 comments one of the main scenes of my book is at the school.
It is in the middle of nowhere, there is hay piles around, and a field with cows. The school is old and run down, looks somewhat like a prision. But the kids in there are totally different.

Armando Navarro | 21 comments A scene from silverwing:
In the book that I'm currently reading, shade the main character goes hunting for a meal and gets in truoble for violating the law, he is taken to the elders of the colony and he is told to behave or else be punish, his mom gives him punishment by graunting him and he learns his lesson.

message 4: by Shelby Carroll (new)

Shelby Carroll | 29 comments One scene is in Ponta Pora which is a small town in Brazil. There was a long roadway with trees running down the center of the splitting roads. It was sunny outside, children playing soccer. "Danny Boy" stole ninety million dollars and now "Guy" is looking for him. Guy is some sort of bounty hunter or federal agent looking for Danny Boy.

Sabrina Leal- Diaz | 18 comments Theres a young boy. He see's that his neighbors dog is in there lawn laying there. Not resting nor sleeping, but dead. His neighbor comes running out, and automatically assumes he did it. Police come, and Christopher the boy, is scared. The Policeman is asking questions to him, and tells him he is going to have to come with me to ask more questions, Christopher is so scared and frightened, he hits the Policeman.

message 6: by Scout Mason (new)

Scout Mason | 25 comments One of the main scenes in my book is when Snots(Palmer LaRue) is 4 years old and first meets a pigeon thats been shot and the wringer wrings the birds neck. Palmer is scared and doesn't know why the bird has to die. He counts 8 colors on the bird and there small orange eyes.

message 7: by Bianca Jackson (new)

Bianca Jackson | 18 comments my book doesn't really have scenes its a poem book and songs written

Lorenzo Mendoza | 19 comments My book consist of comic pages and it follows the holocausts and the harsh times jew's went through.

Patrick Harrington | 7 comments a scene from my book is when the main character and 2 of his "homeboys" decide to rob a store. They run in the store and the main character puts a gun to the store managers head saying "make one move and im going to put a bullet in your head" after getting the money they leave the store and start driving away

message 10: by Seth Snyder (new)

Seth Snyder | 17 comments there is one scene in my book i have read about is the scene where Brian is home alone sitting at the dining room table and the door bell rang and he went to it, looking through the peep whole and the two men stand back so that he can see them better it is in the middle of the day.

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