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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
Describe a scene from your book - use sensory details to do so.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael  (michaelshort) | 20 comments the acid rain falling is making the water bad. the smell is unbareable and we can not drink our natural resources. (50 simple things kids can do to save the earth)

Kassandra Ramirez (kassandraramirez) | 17 comments the scene in the book is at a high school

message 4: by Elias Zamarron (new)

Elias Zamarron | 13 comments most of the book happens in the streets of the city.

Ismail menasterly | 18 comments the villagers of carvahall are being attacked by galbatorix's men and razac while eragon is in Du Weldenvarden training to be a better dragon rider.

eldest by Christopher paolini

message 6: by Tiyanna (new)

Tiyanna  Dozier | 23 comments The scene of my book takes place in California. It is during the summer so it is very hot.

Brittney Hicks  | 23 comments In my book i think that best scene so far is when the main characters' father is arrested for the murder of her mother.

message 8: by Rashad miller (new)

Rashad miller | 22 comments the scene in the book is at the gym there in the snow driving .

message 9: by Kiley Douyon (last edited Jan 16, 2009 07:44AM) (new)


Armando Rodriguez | 11 comments My book is in 2 dimensions and so far they have been describing how the residents of flatland differ from each other because they all appear as lines.

message 11: by Martin Lind (new)

Martin Lind | 15 comments one scene is when the girls grandma dies and there at a funeral and her ex boyfriend comes to her aid.

message 12: by GilbertGarza (new)

GilbertGarza (grok04) | 15 comments A scene from my book would be when they clockwork orange gang break into a couples house and rapes the wife and robs the couple

message 13: by Ben Ontiberos (new)

Ben Ontiberos (beno) | 27 comments They enter the room to be welcomed by outrageous colors and smells emitting from the flowing chocolate waterfall as well as the plethora of treats.

message 14: by Marcus Wimbley (new)

Marcus Wimbley | 27 comments A scene from my book is the main character in the jungle of Brazil looking for a terrorist group

message 15: by Carolina Reyes (new)

Carolina Reyes (carolinareyes) | 25 comments A scene from my book is when ishmael starts the long journey back to his home town from his grandmother after he finds out that they were attacket by the rebels and he tells you what goes through his head and how he gets there.

message 16: by Ashleigh trent (new)

Ashleigh trent | 23 comments A scene from my book is when Delilah sees a bright, shiny ornament on the tree and wants to attack it because of the way the light is bouncing of the ornament and because the way the ornament feels. How it is all round and smooth.

Elizabeth Rodriguez | 27 comments As Margaret and Steve Frawley step into there Connecticut home they see the baby sitter unconscious. Along with a ransom note for eight millions dollars in return for there twin daughters Kelly and Kathy who may or may not still be alive.

message 18: by Vincent Mojica (new)

Vincent Mojica | 21 comments When Jonas realizes that when his father “releases” newchildren he actually kills them, Jonas reaches a point of no return. His frustration with his community and his desire to change it have been growing steadily, and finally Jonas cannot accept the society's insensitivity to the value of human life. He determines to change things

message 19: by Rex Hamilton (new)

Rex Hamilton | 13 comments Steven Harmon, convicted of murder, is sitting in a dark gloomy court room, trying to be seen as innocent

message 20: by Katie Ridgway (new)

Katie Ridgway | 21 comments He talks about a room that he is cleaning. He talks about the light streaming in to the room and the dust going everywhere.

message 21: by Mariela Munoz (new)

Mariela Munoz | 23 comments the scene in houston we have a problem, is were jessica is getting married and her sister makes fun of her because she is getting married with a white guy, but she really does not pay attention to it, and her parents make it hard for her because they tell her to really pay attention to the guy that she is getting married with and to make a future.

message 22: by Mike Willie (new)

Mike Willie | 17 comments well one scene in my book is when 50 cent was growing up and was talking about how he went into boxing at a young age and started to train really hard and thats how he became to be as fairly strong and big as he is now.

message 23: by Mary Ann Munoz (new)

Mary Ann Munoz | 24 comments A tragedy occurs with the main character,Amir and his friend Hassan in a back alley on the streets where the boys used to play.

message 24: by Kaitlyn Sughrue (new)

Kaitlyn Sughrue | 14 comments Clay is trying to build up the nerve of going into a cafe where his friend sat only weeks ago before committing suicide.
"I push myself up, walk over to Rosie's, and pull open the door. Warm air rushes out, smelling like a mixture of hamburger grease and sugar."

Trying to understand why Clay's friend Hannah kills herself is the main point to the book and the author vividly describes key points in Hannah's life that push her to committing suicide.

message 25: by Larue (new)

Larue | 12 comments the scene of my book starts in a house but after wandering around the house the girl walks through a door and enters another world.

message 26: by Laurysa Duran (new)

Laurysa Duran | 18 comments A scene from my book is right when Stanley gets to Camp Greenlake he steps off the bus and he looks and the desert like camp with no trees or any sign of any life for a hundred miles.

message 27: by Justice Snoddy (new)

Justice Snoddy | 17 comments Mary and Pippin are with Treebeard and they are going through a dense forest going to the ents home lands

message 28: by JoeyShaw (new)

JoeyShaw | 13 comments i changed my book to check the technique, a scene from my book is when the fugees recorded one of their songs the described the dimlit basement and the dusty records.

message 29: by NicholasRequejo (new)

NicholasRequejo | 17 comments At one point of Eddie's Career he was traveling to Mexico every other week making three-hundred dollars for only two matches. Eddie was married and had his first child their apartment was a small dingy little place with stained brown carpet and a musty smell from some pipes leaking.One of those places where you had to go outside just to change your mind. There was no furniture, the only "new" thing was a baby mattress from Wal-Mart but for a while it was the Guerrero home, it became a sanctuary from the harsh road travel.

message 30: by Manuel Maldonado (new)

Manuel Maldonado | 25 comments First day of practice. Slot machine begins his first day of practice with the expectations of the worst.

message 31: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan | 19 comments One of the scene's in my book was at a hospital the author described the hospital as a modern hospital where their were colored stripes on the floors so you don't get lost. They also have fake plants in the halls and cheap prints on the walls and the nurses wore bright colors.

message 32: by Phillip Miles (new)

Phillip Miles | 24 comments There is a scene where mark was still in the gym practicing is jump shot for so long his arm started hurting

message 33: by Jean Doan (new)

Jean Doan  | 22 comments theres is part in my book tors the ending and the main person johnny gets into a fight well more like the kids jump him and his badly hurt.

message 34: by Stefon (new)

Stefon (stefonjones) | 18 comments My character moved into his mom's new boyfriend's house and he got drunk and beat him up for coming downstairs looking for something to eat and told him to stay upstairs until he said other wise.

message 35: by Yareli DePaz (new)

Yareli  DePaz | 24 comments There is a scene where- When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn.

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