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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
Describe a scene from your book - use sensory details to do so.

message 2: by Isaac (last edited Jan 17, 2009 06:11PM) (new)

Isaac Hernandez (acdcrocks9) | 15 comments In one scene the comedian is sitting at home on a dark night when a man bust though the with enough force to tear it off its hinges (a man shadowed in mystery thoughout the book) Then pick the comedian up like leaf and throws him though the wide thick glass window with ease sending him falling from a 30 ft building to ground floor, With blood spread across the street only a little smiley face button with a blood smear.

message 3: by Daniel Arroyo (new)

Daniel Arroyo | 27 comments A scene from my book... When a girl named Bella arrived to a new town to stay with her father, when she arrived her father gave her a truck. She was thinking about looking for an automobile, and her dad got one for her, it's a bit old he explained to her. She was not interested in the models year, she just wanted it to drive. That's about it.

message 4: by Katelyn Baker (new)

Katelyn Baker | 18 comments In one scene the main character breaks his wrist and notices that he is being followed so he tries to run from the bad guys called "Urgals". He gets on his dragon and they fly away, until they almost get shot out of the air. They land and the Urgals tell the main character that he needs to come with them to meet their master, the main character refuses.

emmanuel gonzalez  | 21 comments the scorpion mansion a big red roof house with a big blue pool. there's green grass every where outside. there's a white room with a big piano theres also a big palm green tree.Then theres a dark secret passage way were matt the main character hides when he needs to.

Treasure McCarver | 17 comments The main character Gideon, was sitting in his hotel room, which was also his hide-out and he thought his stalker was outside waiting to bust in a shoot him. A girl he had met was in the shower while he is in the room pacing deciding what to do. He could hear the movement of the person outside, so he grabbed his gun and was ready for anything. He looks through the peep hole to see who exactly it was but to find out it was a friend he met not to long ago.

message 7: by Ginna Marciel (new)

Ginna Marciel | 24 comments In one scene, Morgan is walking into the main office because she is late and has to talk to the principal. When she is walking in, she sees a goth girl looking at her evilly. And a boy in his underwear smiling and looking at her. Once the main office lady lets her off the hook from seeing the principal cause its her first tardy, she trips and the goth girl and underwear boy start laughing, while she looks up and see a pair of baggy socks and looks up to see the unfashionable Pip Merriweather.

message 8: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Jimenez (latinalover) | 17 comments (I change books again.)
but right now rory is cutting the tree

message 9: by Kenesha (new)

Kenesha  (niecey) | 27 comments The main character Jennifer, now Jenna walked into her advisory class and sat down at her desk. As she sat down one of her friends turns around and looks at her. "Who's the new guy." she said. Jenna looked up at the sound of her voice and looked towards the new kid.
"Cameron." she whispered hoping that it's her childhood friend who disappeared ten years ago and sent her a letter on the day of her birthday.
He didn't hear her and her friend spoke up.
"Cameron!" she said louder, this time he heard. He turned around and she looked into the eyes of Cameron. So he really was back.

message 10: by Patrick, Cueva (new)

Patrick, Cueva | 18 comments Their was nothing left, just an enormous crater where the war zone that their friend's and fellow spartans were valiantly battling with their common enemy the covenant, before the energy plant melted down and the massive explosion incinerated every thing on the surface of the cliff.

message 11: by Amanda Salas (new)

Amanda Salas | 17 comments Brick asks Maggie to promise to keep her voice down. In return, she asks that he make his drink the last one until after Big Daddy's birthday party. Brick has forgotten Daddy's birthday. He refuses to pretend he remembered and sign the card to the present Maggie bought. When Maggie protests, Brick reminds her of the conditions of his living with her. Maggie says that his conditions are impossible. but its a major part in act 1.

Mireya Garcia-Belman :] | 11 comments There's a certain scene in my book "Uglies" to where the girl Tally is going to go find her friend Shay in this "forbidden" city called the Smoke, and the intensity of the scene is the fact that Tally has to figure out a poem that Shay has left her that give her the directions on how to get there. She falls over a mountain, she has to fly higher than what she normally does, and she also has to think the unthinkable.

message 13: by Collin Starks (new)

Collin Starks | 6 comments The main turning point in the book is when Jim Hawkins is inside of a apple barrel. When he falls inside he accidentally over hears a plan of mutiny by the crew. The dirty crewmen explain an elaborate plan to gain Flints treasure and leave rich.

Adilene Macedo  | 27 comments At the beginning of the book, Lord Voldemort has a meeting at the Malfoy's house with all the Death Eaters in which a plan is being developed in order to trapp & destroy Harry Potter on the night he turns 17 because once he turns this age he would not be under the protection of the ministry of magic.

message 15: by Anthony Jaques (new)

Anthony Jaques | 25 comments At the very end of catcher in the rye Holden is sitting outside watching his little sister ride on a carousel when is starts to rain. While everyone else runs for cover, Holden just sits in the rain feeling the water run down his neck and body. He doesn't care about the rain because his sister playing on the carousel was so beautiful to him.

message 16: by Kate baggett (new)

Kate baggett | 18 comments They go to the peach farm in Georgia, and they tell stories, swear to eachother that they are going to be all friends forever.

message 17: by Becca (new)

Becca (rewashed) | 21 comments My book is written in a series of poems. One particular part is a suicide scene of one of the main characters. He launches himself off of a cliff on a rock climbing/hiking field trip. I felt like I was falling with him. It made me so incredibly sad and left me wondering "why?" and whether or not I could have done something to help him if I had actually known him.

message 18: by Sunshine Kemp (new)

Sunshine Kemp | 23 comments oh when august and lily are out in the woods looking for may. when they find her, they see may submerged in the water with a rock on top of her. august runs into the water to try to pull out may hoping there was still life.

message 19: by Gina Lamm (new)

Gina Lamm | 27 comments In one scene, Claire went to Paris to find her brother, Chris Redfield. She bumped into Umbrella which is the enemy and attack the employees. She ran in the building and shot them. Claire ran to a guy named Rodrigo and she was knocked out as he hit her with the butt of a rifle. He took her as a prisoner and locked her up on an island.

message 20: by Tanisha Williams (last edited Jan 20, 2009 01:46PM) (new)

Tanisha  Williams | 25 comments One scene in my book Madea was describing how blessed she was to be apart of the world, and she went into detail how the trees swayed, and how the breeze embraced her face, within minutes before she was about to thank god for allowing her to be apart such a beautiful thing, her mouth took her hand and smacked her because she didn't do what she was told, and she was basically describing the difference between children then, and the generation of children now.

message 21: by Eliana Lechuga (new)

Eliana Lechuga | 20 comments In the book I am reading there's a scene in which Howard family moves to a bigger house, why he is happy that he gets his own room but still afraid of the dark. How he now gets to walk to school because he is older now. He also talks about playing outside and building a tree house.

message 22: by Renny (new)

Renny | 8 comments One scene from my book... A baby owl is born with the name of Eglantine and she is cherished by her big bother soren. She is welcomed to the Forest of Tyto, of the Barn Owls, or Tyto alba. As they start to tell her the story of the kingdom of Tyto.

message 23: by Tenzin Dickyi (new)

Tenzin Dickyi | 23 comments One of the scenes from the book is the first time my character tasted blood. She ran out of the rec hall and when she ran outside, it was dark, creepy and it was early in the morning. After she ran out she starts to think how good the blood tasted and how wrong it was. He also thinks about how she had the power of the elements and the spirit element, then she asks the clouds to move so she could see the moon. She loves her powers but are scared of them too. That's when she sees the ghost of Elizabeth, a girl who had died earlier that day, or she thinks was her ghost. And finally she meets her cat that chooses her.

message 24: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (jacqu3s) | 21 comments A scene I remember from my book is the part where both main characters end up at the church. She is driving and her car breaks down in the pouring rain and she runs to the church. The whole time she is thinking about why she is in the situation she's in and is embarrassed for walking into the church dripping wet.

message 25: by Julianna Clemmer (new)

Julianna Clemmer | 17 comments The Scene that stands out most in my mind so far in Ella Enchanted is when she and her mother are both sick and Ella is describing the soup they are eating. Which was rather good tasting, but the long yellow-white Unicorn hairs were not her or her mother's thing so her mother removed the hairs and then put then back when she was finished.

message 26: by Andreana (new)

Andreana | 16 comments The scene from the book that stuck with me the most was when the main character Lamin found true love. "He walked into the store and his eyes immediately where drawn to the beautiful mixed chick that was eying him in the corner..." This stuck with me because throughout his whole life all he ever known was the streets. He had planned to live and die in the streets until he meet the love of his life Lucky. Lucky showed him that there is more to life than living and staying in the streets. When he met her and fell in love he was ready to leave the street game alone and start a new life with her. And that is just what he did. That comes to show that love is the greatest thing and it can conquer all.

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