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Graphic Novels

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message 1: by Bryce, Grand High Poobah (new)

Bryce (brycemoore) | 25 comments Mod
After having read ten or so graphic novels now, I have to say that I'm enjoying them, over all. However, they don't feel like books to me, in much the same way that I feel that a movie is different than a television show. So my question to you is: are graphic novels "novels"? Why or why not? To me, the story content is there just as much as a novel, but the depth and manner of conveying that story is much different. In many ways, they seem to have more in common with movies than they do with books. Thoughts?

message 2: by Molly (new)

Molly | 7 comments When I read graphic novels, I sometimes find that I miss things, or don't understand the sequence of events, so I have to backtrack a little... I think this is because you often have to interpret images (expressions on characters' faces, movements, etc.), rather than just reading the words, as you would with an ordinary novel. So, I think more complex graphic novels actually require a bit more concentration, since you're using two different parts of your brain (or something like that). Sort of like watching a foreign movie where you have to read the subtitles.

message 3: by Bryce, Grand High Poobah (new)

Bryce (brycemoore) | 25 comments Mod
I'd never thought of that aspect, and it's a good point. I just finished reading The Dark Knight Returns, and at the end of it, they have an afterword that's a written version of the final plot, provided so that you can contrast it with what's actually on the page. When I read it, I was surprised by how much easier it was to understand--and how much I had missed in the actual graphic novel. I suppose I just see all the pictures and stop paying as much attention as I ought.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (kermitreads) | 6 comments I agree that graphic novels are more complex to understand and take more concentration. I think that they are not straight forward like reading text in a book is what I enjoy about them. I think graphic novels they would probably be great for reading groups because people would interpret them differently. And I agree with you Bryce I think I lose myself in the graphics and miss the story sometimes.

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