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The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)
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Kat (Chrisabena) | 12 comments Taylor had just finished drinking his coke. He then started to nervously eat the can.
Where was Remy? Why was she taking so long? They have to go NOW.
Having finished his can, Taylor anxiously looks around. He spies a little girl who's about to throw away her own empty can. He approaches the trash can where the empty can now lies. He reaches in, and draws it out. The little girl is still looking at him.
"Whath are youth doing?" She asks sweetly.
Taylor startles, and makes sure his hat is still on.
"Do you know my mommy?" She then asks. Taylor looks at her, about to say no and make his escape. But when he looks into her worried, gray eyes he decides to help her.
"What's her name?" He asks wearily.
"Daddy sayth ith Assena." Her lisp makes her hard to understand.
"Assena? Oh, you mean Athena. Ha ha. That's funny. I know someone who has..." He trails off, deep in thought. He then looks at her features again, and in horror he realizes...

Anna-Cosette | 33 comments Mod
This adorable little girl, maybe only three or four, was a daughter of the Greek goddess Athena. Her blond ringlets and grey eyes proved it.
"Is your daddy here?" Taylor asks, looking around to see if Remy had returned.
"See he was tere, bwut weft and twold me not to fwollow. He swaw you when he sawth you. He sayth you knew my mommy" She told me, cocking her head to the side.
"What is your name?" I ask, almost jumping up and down with anxiousness.
"Thieoa" She answers brightly.
"Come with me... We have to go NOW!" I grab her hand and I begin to walk. I see Remy and make eye contact with her. She begins to run towards us when a large head breaks the cement as it pops up from the ground.

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